Town of Frye Island
Planning Board Meeting
Saturday, September 25, 1999, 8:30 am

     Community Center

     Present:            Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Ed Charrette, Patty Meyer, David Treacy

     Officials:      Selectman Oleg Svetlichny,  Selectman Joe Potts

     Islanders:             as noted

The Vice-chairman, Ed Johnson, called the meeting to order.  He stated that this was a Public Hearing to discuss:

            1. An Ordinance to Prohibit Hunting and Trapping of Animals within the Town of Frye Island

            2. Ordinances to control vehicle use on Town Roads:

                        Use of Golf Carts

                        Use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's)

            3. Changes to the Official Zoning Map of the Town of Frye Island

These were in response to changes called for at last week's Public Hearing.

Hunting & Trapping

Bud Faulk, lot 1752 stated that it is difficult to hunt on the Island.

Dick Nordon, lot 1959 stated that "We are here to get away from it all".  He wants the Island to remain free from regulations.

Ken Dollloff, lot 1222 doesn't want any windows broken.

Bud Faulk said that we should allow hunting in November.  Otherwise we will have too many deer.

John Musorofiti, lot 342 stated that some people have had their cottages broken into in November.

Selectman Oleg Svetlichny wants no hunting allowed in the Town of Frye Island.

Barbara Aranyi, lot 271 wants to have hunting regulated.  Deer can swim if food becomes a problem.  Although there is no one here to enforce an Ordinance, it is better to have one.

Miranda West, lot 13 says that deer can get on and off the Island.

Ed Charrette  asked how people felt about bow & arrow hunting.

Sylvia O'Conner lot 1054 would be concerned about bow hunting because a bow is very powerful.

Bud Faulk stated that a bow is safe, and is only used in October.

Oleg Svetlichny stated the a bow & arrow is more deadly than a bullet.

Bud Faulk stated that a bullet proof vest, which won't stop an arrow, also won't stop a 3006.

John Musorofiti stated that people who have "deer fever" may shoot without looking.

Barbara Aranyi says that they walk the woods in the fall, both where there are paths and no paths.  She said that they are very quiet and would be afraid of being taken for a deer.

Pat Tessier, lot 872 said that the deer on the Island are not afraid of people.  So this is not sport.

Oleg Svetlichny wants the fine raised to $250.  He stated that the fine for firearms should also be raised.

Joe Potts stated that all modifications of warrant articles must be made at the public hearing, because they cannot be changed at the Town Meeting.

There was then a discussion of trapping so that homeowners can trap pests on their own property.

Carl Hommel, lot 68 pointed out that this was in the Ordinance, already.

Next followed the discussion of the Zoning  Map change.  Marge Hommel stated that it was felt at the Hearing last week that Quail Circle not be included in a rezoning.  So the current change is to add only Lot 2 to the Water Oriented Commercial District.

Next on the agenda was the discussion of the Road Ordinances.  Ed Johnson pointed out that these were discussed last week. 

Carl Hommel explained the changes to the Golf Cart and ATV Ordinances.  There were changes to the wording to include insurance as something regulated by the Selectmen.  Also, a lower age limit was added for the age that an unlicensed driver may drive a golf cart with a licensed driver sitting alongside.

Patty Meyer read a letter from Clark Insurance stating that it is possible to purchase golf cart insurance.  The age of drivers of the carts depends on the company issuing the insurance.

The discussion asked that the ordinance require golf carts and ATV's to comply with all traffic regulations as bicycles and automobiles must.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the Planning Board considered moving the Ordinances to the Town Meeting.  Since the Firearms Ordinance was not discussed today, we cannot make changes to it.  Increasing the fine will have to wait until next year.

Patty Meyer and David Treacy were appointed to vote for the absent regular board members.

Hunting: It was decided to change the fine from $50 to $200. It was VOTED 4 - 1 to approve the Ordinance and move it to Town Meeting, with Marge Hommel voting against.

Zoning Map Change:  This was APPROVED 5 - 0.

Golf Cart Ordinance and ATV Ordinance.

David Treacy suggested a wording which requires the vehicles to obey all traffic ordinances.  This was adopted.  Both ordinances were VOTED 5 - 0 with the changes.

It was VOTED to have a meeting on Friday evening, October 8 before the Frye Island Town Meeting the next day.  This will go over the Planning Board sponsored warrant articles, and also approve minutes from the September hearings and meetings.

The meeting was adjourned.

Marge Hommel, Secy