Town of Frye Island
Planning Board Meeting
Saturday, September 18, 1999, 8:30 am

Community Center

     Present:            Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Patty Meyer, Goeff Rice,  David Treacy

     Officials:      Selectman Oleg Svetlichny, 

     Islanders:                 noted below

Ed Johnson called the meeting to order.  Patty Meyer was appointed to vote for Ed Charrette.

Ed Johnson stated the the purpose of the meeting was a public hearing for 3 Road Ordinances, a Fire Arms Ordinance, Changes to the Land Use Ordinance and Shoreland Ordinance, and Changes to the Official Zoning Map of the Town.

1.  Ordinances to control vehicle use on Town Roads

A.           Use of Golf Carts

B.            Use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's)

C.            Use of Mopeds, Motor Driven Cycles, Motorized Bicycles or Tricycles and Motorcycles

Golf Carts:

Warren Eastman, lot 245, Don Hadley lot 174, Katy Potts, lot 1633, and Dick Norris lot 61 all thought the ordinance was a good idea.  Adults should be liable for any damage by a minor. All felt that a golf cart should be covered by liability insurance.

Jim Reali lot 1316 felt that we should not be too restrictive.  A 16 year old is old enough to accompany an unlicensed driver.


Carl Hommel, lot 68 explained that much of the Ordinance was a paraphrase of state law.

The following people spoke:  Todd Savage, lot 238, Dick Norris lot 61, Dick Norden lot 1958, Rich Kaplan lot 1624, Mary Demming lot 1676, Warren Eastman, John Crosby lot 307, Christa Milia lot 379, Todd Savage, Don Hadley, Jim Reali, Dick Norden.  People were concerned about having lights on vehicles after dark, insurance, law enforcement, and use on private land. Richard Kaplan lot 1624 wants the rules for ATV's and golf carts to be the same.  John Crosby was concerned about law enforcement, and was told that the sheriff would enforce a Town Ordinance.

All were concerned about making sure that the ATV was insured, since some states do not require it.  But in those cases, it is meant to be driven off road, not on road.


Bobby Aranyi feels that there most be lights and a rear view mirror on a moped.  Dick Norris wants the town to require insurance.  Paul Bourque asked what made a dirt bike street legal.  This was explained.

Dick Norden, Don Hadley, Warren Eastman and Todd Savage also spoke.

2.       An Ordinance to Prohibit the Discharge of Firearms within the Town of Frye Island

Ernie Wrzesinsly, lot 285 wanted the ordinance expanded to include hunting and trapping. 

Rich Kaplan, lot 1624 also wanted no hunting on the island.  Dick Norden, lot 1959 stated that people have hunted on the Island for years and that there had not been any problems.  He stated that Peaks Island in the City of Portland was a horrible example of what can happen when hunting is banned.

John Crosby, Crista Mueller, lot 379, Bobby Aranyi, and Kathy Potts all thought that the ordinance should be ammended to prohibit hunting.

Todd Savage felt that hunting was OK after the Island closed.  He does not want us to have to hire a sharpshooter to thin the deer herd.  Jim Reali agreed that people have been safely hunting deer here for years, and felt there was a lot of deer on the island.  He felt we may have too many in a few years.

Richard Kaplan felt that hunting should be banned now, and allowed later if there is a problem. 

John Crosby felt that Town employees are in danger if there is hunting after the island closes, but when they are here working.

Jim Reali felt we should not ban all hunting.  He felt we should make November shotguns only by landowners only.

3        Changes to the Land Used Ordinance

The following changes were proposed:

Amend ARTICLE II Definitions, Section 1013. Terms defined, as given in the document "Definitions"


Amend ARTICLE III District Regulations,

Section 1015. RU-Rural Districts, ,

Section 1016. R-Residential Districts, ,

Section 1019. WOC-Water-Oriented Commercial Districts.

as given in the document "Land Use Ordinance Changes"


Amend ARTICLE IV General Standards,  by deleting

Section 10132. 8 Rod Ways

Section 10134. Access limitations

and marking Section 101-32 reserved. and Section 101-34 reserved. 

These sections refer to roads in theTown of Standish and not in the Town of Frye Island.  The deleted sections are in the document called "Deletions"


Amend ARTICLE VII Administration and Enforcement, by adding Sections 101-59A and 101-59B, as given in the document "Meetings"

 4.  Amend the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

Section 102 -12 and 102-15 regarding setbacks for stairs

The following people spoke on the Land use Ordinances: (numbers 3 & 4)

                Jim Reali, Don Hadley, Kathy Potts, John Crosby,and Dick Norris.

Selectman Oleg Svetlichny congratulated the board for their hard work.  He said that things must be done in slow stages.  The first stage was the adoption of Standish's zoning when we became a town.  This is the second stage, smoothing out some of the rough edges.  The third stage will come next year when we have a comprehensive plan in place.

Bobby Aranyi asked if we could establish greenways withing the town for walking.  Several people discussed the need for a Recreational zone, but agreed that it would be a further refinement to be done next year.

5.  Changes to the Official Zoning Map of the Town of Frye Island as detailed in the document "Proposed Zoning Changes"

There was much interest in the official zoning map of the Town.  It was explained that we adopted it when we adopted the Standish zoning in July 1998.  Marge Hommel explained that Standish had changed their zoning map in December of 1997 without telling us.  One of their changes was to make lot 2 residential.  Since this contains the old fire barn and is part of the ferry landing and boat launch area, the Planning Board felt this should be Water Oriented Commercial.  The Planning Board also felt that the Quail Circle area should be Water Oriented Commercial since FII is charging people to moor their boats there.

John Crosby and Don Hadley felt that there was a danger to rezoning Quail Circle.  We might call the PWD's attention to it with unfavorable results.  Other people were in agreement that we should "let sleeping dogs lie".

The Planning Board met at the close of the hearing and

1.        VOTED to ammend the Golf Cart and ATV Ordinances to reflect the changes discussed.

2.        VOTED to move the Ordinance on Mopeds forward to the Selectmen.

3.        VOTED to move the Ordinance on Firearms forward to the Selectmen, and to create another ordinance on Hunting and Trapping.

4.        VOTED to move the Land Use and Shoreland Ordinances on to the Selectmen

5.        VOTED to ammend the Zoning Map change.

A hearing will be held next week on the revised Golf Cart and ATV Ordinance, on the Hunting & Trapping Ordinance, and on the ammended Zoning Map change.

At 11:25am the meeting was adjourned.

Marge Hommel, Secy