Town of Frye Island
Planning Board Meeting
Saturday, August 21, 1999, 8:30 am

     Location:  Community Center

     Present:       Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Patty Meyer, Ed Charrette, David Treacy

     Officials:      Selectman Oleg Svetlichny, 


The chairman, Bob Hannah called the meeting to order.

The July 10 & 24 minutes were approved.

Bob Hannah explained that we would be discussing ordinances for use of Bicycles, Golf Carts, and Mopeds and Motorcycles on Town Roads. .  He asked that all comments by the public be directed to the Chair, and that speakers give their name and Lot number.


Dick Norris, Lot 61, doesn't think that we should require adults to wear helmets.  It would be hard to enforce.  We should not put it in if we are not prepared to enforce it.

David Lowe, lot 1839.  We need to educate renters who will bring bicycles.  We don't want them to not be able to use them if they haven't brought a helmet.

John Crosby, lot 307.  What is state law?

Rich Nidor, lot 1962.  What are the logistics.  How would we notify parents?

Lynn Kerner, lot 155.  What is the reasoning to be more restrictive than the state?  Bob Hannah replied that there have been 2 serious accidents which involved adults on bicycles.

Ernie W, lot 285.  On enforcing a law with a minor - the parents are responsible.  We could require a parent to come and retrieve the minor and bike.

John Crosby, lot 307.  Why don't we just try state law?

Carl Hommel, lot 68.  The Sheriff will enforce any Town Ordinance.

Bob Hannah.  We need to make people aware that they should stick to the right on a bicycle.

Dick Norris, lot 61.  To repeat state law is good, but we should stick to the State Law.  This makes enforcement easier.

Ed Charrette, lot 79.  We could strongly recommend helmets for people over 16, but not require them.

Jim O'Conner lot 1054.  Put in a clause that other traffic regulations should be obeyed.

Pat Gruner, lot 887.  The ordinance must be enforceable.

Bud Fault, lot 1752.  Wants quiet hours enforced.  Put in ordinance.

Dick Giggy, lot 266.  Repeat fines - warning, $50, $500

Don Olen, lot 56            We should just stick to State Law

Ed Johnson.  We should do fines just like State Law.


Bob H read. the Ordinance.  Ages for driving can be summarized as:

 < 12, no
12 - 15 with licensed driver
12 - 18 training course

John Crosby.  Is there a state law?  Why no helmets on golf carts?

Jim O'Conner, lot 1054.  No more than 3 persons on a seat.  There should be no standees.

Norris, lot 61.  Wording should depend on design for seating.  Driving an ATV should be with a photo ID given by the town.

Ernie W, lot 285.  Passengers should not ride in a place not intended by manufacturer.

Joe Potts, 1633.  Define size of letters - use stickers from Town.

John Crosby - save for ATV

Don Olsen, lot 36.  Make the age to drive be 14

Bill Koch, 1309.  Should have a safety course if no license.

Richard Madore, lot 1962.  State offers a free course.

Pat Gruner, 887.  Concerned with people holding children

Ernie W.  We should conform to state Law.

Robert Tulis, lot 811.  We should require a Drivers license.  16 is OK   For a 12 year old to drive, the licensed driver should be at least 21.

Linda Molloy, lot 1667.  Doesn't want a 12 year old, even with a licensed driver.  12 is too young.  14 is OK.

John Crosby.  For ATV's - state law says accompanied by an adult in another vehicle.  But this is for off road.

Buddy Rogers, lot 313.  This first proposal is good.  21 is a high age for licensed driver.  Take a small step, first.  He thinks that 18 is OK.

Don King, 1603.  There are problems with no lights.

Laura Crosby.  Driver should be older than 16 to go with an unlicensed driver.

Lynn Kerner, lot 155.  Thinks any driver should have a driver's license.

Bob Oxman, lot 1022.  He is more concerned with enforcement.  What will we put in place.  What powers for law enforcement?

Dana Giggy, lot 266.  Children don't want to be relaxed on the Island, like the adults do.  No 12 year old wants to hang out with a 21 year old.

Lot 341 Arey  Likes Dana's comments.

1839, Dave Lowe.  Families will come knowing it is a safe place, but it is not now.  On the age issue, keep it simple.  Require a license to drive a golf cart.

Bob Hannah.  Speed limit is 25, de facto.  We need to tell all.

Mary Hunt Lot 1620,.  How will all of this be decided?

Jm Reali Lot 1316  Don't get too tough.  Go a little easy.  Try something less restrictive, but adapt it for golf carts to insure safety.

Ernie W. Lot 285.  ATV's are off road vehicles.  Golf Carts are on road vehicles

Mary Hunt Lot 1620 asked again "what is the procedure"  Bob Hannah explained the procedure for adopting ordinances.

Pat Gruner Lot 887,.  Wants safety emphasized.

Claire LaDow Lot 17,.  Wants only licensed drivers.  We have dirt roads and can skid in any vehicle.

Jim O'Conner Lot 1054,.  There are 2 ways of looking at it.  Wants a straw vote.

The Planning Board then took a Straw Vote on ages to drive a Golf Cart

Driving age:
Licensed drivers only --27 yes
14 and up. - 25 yes

Second issue: Age of any licensed driver accompanying an unlicensed driver

12 -14 with any licensed driver - 28 yes
12 -14 with an adult over 21 - 17 yes

Dick Giggy, lot 266.  We need a fine system.  Put lot # on side of vehicle so that it can be identified.

46, Pancini.  Wants lights to be verified.

Town Manager Vic Richards.  Deputies would get a radar gun for next year - we will put it in the budget.  They can't give a speeding ticket if they cannot verify the speed.  Otherwise it is just a judgement call.

John Crosby wants one this year.

Vic - mentioned someone bragging about riding a moped at 1am with no muffler.  We should add a muffler requirement to the ordinance.

61, Dick Norris

1.       inclusion of a sound suppression device
2.       operating in a reckless manner is prohibited.

Ernie - why not use State Law.

John C.  Helmet with State Law.  Noise suppression needed.  Must be under a certain noise decibel level.

155, Lynn Kerner.  Why not stick to State Law?

1316, Jim Reali.  No ATV's means no golf carts.  Use State Law  16 or under with course. 18 or under requires a helmet.

111, Bob Roberts.  State Law.  ATV don't operate with cars.  We have cars.  We should apply all motorcycle and moped laws to ATV's which operate on a public way.

1054, Jim O'Conner.  All ordinances must have a logical basis.  Being unduly restrictive is wrong.  Put ATV's with motorcycles and mopeds.  Golf carts are not as powerful.

111, Bob Roberts.  ATV should be same age as a car.

1752, Bud Faulk - no-one under 18 can drive an ATV.  No helmet for those over 18

1613 Reali.  There are 2 types of dirt bikes.  One has noise suppression and is called "street legal"  We should only allow "street legal" bikes on our roads.  The other ones are only for off road use.

Ernie.  Agrees.  Also that 2 wheel vehicles operate like motorcycles, and   require a motorcycle license which is different that an auto license.

Dave Treacy.  Difference is in speed.  Golf carts can't go that fast.

1360.     Reali.  That's why we need to enforce speed limits.

Ernie & John - dirt bike is safer on dirt roads.

Mopeds & Motorcycles

Diane Babineau - want sound suppression.

John Crosby - his bike will only hold 1 person.

Joe Potts, 1633.  12-16 should not be allowed to drive these.

46, Pansini.  What is state law?

John, 14 is for moped.  Suggest same for ATV

46, Joe Pansini  There is a difference in size of motor, measured by the #  cc's.  He thinks that 14 or 15 should be limited to a moped < 50 cc's.  Put lot number on it.

John - show proof of insurance.

111 Bob Roberts.  State Farm of Maine will issue insurance for golf carts and other vehicles.

Norris - All vehicles should be registered with the Island.  We should require proof of insurance when registering them.

Selectman Joe Potts.  We need a public hearing before Oct 1 so warrant can be posted.  Need hearing 2 weekends  before.the Town Meeting.  He suggests Sept 25 for a public hearing.

1603, John King  (I didn't write down what he said)

Tax, Land Use, Comprehensive Plan - Bob Hannah announced that he would form a Committed to work on this.

MaryHunt - asked about temporary structures.  Marge Hommel said she would look in ordinance after she got home. (Note: After playing phone tag with her - Marge left a message saying that Temporary Structures had to conform to the same setback requirements as permanent ones.

Shoreland zoning - Ed Johnson and Ed Charrette reported that we need we need to settle on the Land use Ordinance changes, first.

Other meetings - every  Sat morn for next 4 weeks. Marge Hommel will post notices.

Some visitors wanted to speak about a Hunting Ordinance.  They had not had an opportunity to express their views at the meeting on August 7, because they were unable to attend.  Bob Hannah agreed to allow discussion of the Hunting Ordinance discussed two weeks ago.

Michaiel Keup 1309.  If we ban hunting, there will be a problem with deer.  Peaks Island has no live vegetation below 3 feet.  We should allow bow hunting for land owners only.  Oct - Nov is bow hunting season.

John Crosby.  Allow when Island closed - but then maintenance people don't like it if they are here.

Sylvia O'Conner.  Overpopulation of deer leads to Lyme Disease.

James Reali, 1316.  On Peaks Island, owners need cyclone fences.  We should allow shotgun only season and a bow only season.  Don't close the door all together.

At 11:25am the meeting was adjourned.

Marge Hommel, Secy