Town of Frye Island - Planning Board Meeting
Saturday, August 7, 1999, 8:30 am

     Location:      Community Center

     Present:       Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Geoffrey Rice, Ed Charrette,

     Officials:      Selectman Oleg Svetlichny, Selectman Joe Potts, Town Manager Vic Richards
Rick Sealy, a Planner with the Greater Portland Council of Governments (COG)

     Islanders:     noted as they spoke at the meeting      

The  Chairman, Bob Hannah, called the meeting to order at 8:40 am.  He announced that this was a working meeting of the Planning Board. The first order of business was to discuss an ordinance entitled "An Ordinance to Prohibit the Discharge of Firearms, hunting and the Trapping of Animals within the Town of Frye Island" which was proposed by Ernie Wrzesinsky.  He asked that all comments by the public be directed to the Chair, and that speakers give their name and Lot number.

Geoff Rice asked if this included trapping voles.  Ed Johnson asked who would enforce the ordinance.  Oleg

Svetlichny mentioned that Raccoons are not rodents. 

Joe Potts pointed out that the ordinance needs something to allow homeowners to get rid of rodents and that the ordinance needs to include who will enforce it.

Fred Gruner, lot 887  asked who will shoot a rabid raccoon?  He wants the right to do that if it is in his yard.

Mary Ann Niles, lot 1622 ,  asked if you could shoot if there was danger to you or your kids.

Claire Babineau, lot 1305, stated that she did not want firearms discharged.  She said that you should bring kids into the house.  But that we need a quick response from law enforcement in this case.

Ed Charrette asked if the Fire Department could provide the response.

Joe Potts said that there is a level of competency required, and that not everyone is able to shoot a rabid animal.

The second item on the agenda was a discussion of golf carts and ATVís.

Vic Richards stated that Long Island has an ordinance allowing golf cards. Shabeg Island allows golf carts under special permit.  The City of Portland has a city ordinance that allows golf carts on public roads on Peaks Island and Great Island Cliff.  The Portland police are able to enforce the ordinances, which include ATVís, also.

Joe Potts stated that we do not have to wait for a legal opinion before we write ordinances. 

1.      Home Rule - The town has a charter which explicitly allows golf carts and ATVís on Island roads.

2.      Instead of asking a lawyer first, write an ordinance and then submit it to a lawyer.

He later stated that our lawyer expressly said we could  allow ATVís and golf carts in our Charter.

Oleg Svetlichny agreed with Joe Potts.  Write the ordinances, and then get a lawyer afterwards.  He also asked if we could create paths for ATVís as they do in Gorham.

Warren Eastman, lot 245, agreed with Joe Potts also that we should enact ordinances, now.

The Planning Board agreed.  Bob Hannah stated that we would explicitly take up this issue at our next meeting in two weeks, and would discuss training and age limits at that time.

Mary Ann Niles asked that we do allow teenagers to drive.

Claire Babineau stated that if a vehicle is motorized, then we need to be concerned.  Also, if an owner leaves a golf cart for renters, then the owner is responsible.

Rick Sealy, of the Greater Portland Council of Governments spoke next.  He stated that we need a Comprehensive Plan as the policy basis for any zoning ordinances.  He stated that his organization, of which Frye Island is a member, would be glad to help in the process.  In response to a question by Oleg Svetlichny, he stated that the Plan should contain an inventory analysis, a survey of the local economy, natural resources, available transportation, and other information.  The Town needs to write one, but it is not required for the State of Maine to review it.  In response to a question from Carl Hommel, lot 68, he replied that the plan can be done by an outside agency for a cost of $15,000 to $30,000.  He also stated that the Town would benefit from a consultant as a facilitator, but that we need to do this, ourselves.  He thinks that Long Island is the only Town near here that did it entirely themselves.

Joe Potts pointed out that most Comprehensive Plans state policy about future development, but that Frye Island is 98% developed.  We donít need as much, but we do need to be concerned about traffic.

Rick Sealy replied that we should lay out all the areas that need to be addressed in a comprehensive plan, and then just state that they do not need to be addressed in ours if they are not relevant.

Bob Hannah stated that he would like to get a survey out before the Island closes, and asked for volunteers.  We will look at the Standish survey and see if we can adapt it for our needs.

Rick Sealy stated that COG could go over a proposed survey, with us, and put it in the right form.

Oleg Svetlichny asked what do we do for the Federal census. 

Rick Sealy answered that we need to tell the census bureau that people are not resident on the Island on January 1.  The survey needs to address the summer population.  He also stated that legally we can amend our current land use ordinances before we have a comprehensive plan in place, but that we should do this concurrently.  He also stated that we should put our amendments serially, as they are in the current ordinance.

Ed Johnson and Ed Charrette reported on their work on the Shoreland ordinance.  But the Land use one needs to be completed first.

James Reali, lot 1316, asked about procedures for hunters.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Marge Hommel, Secy