Town of Frye Island - Planning Board Meeting
Saturday, June 26, 1999, 8:30 am

     Location:  Community Center

     Present: Paul Bourque, Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Patty Meyer, Geoffrey Rice
Visitors:  David Treacy, Lot 501 Playground Lane, Selectman Oleg Svetlichny

The Planning Board needs to be re-appointed according to the rules adopted in the Charter.  This requires five people for staggered 3 year terms, and two alternates for one year terms. We were asked, by the Selectmen, to identify which members wish to be re-appointed, and for which terms.

Bob Hannah and Marge Hommel would like 3 year terms.  Ed Johnston would like a two year term.  Geoffrey Rice would like to be a permanent member with a one year term.  Patty Meyer would like to remain an alternate with a one year term.  This leaves a two year term open, and a one year alternate term open.  Paul Bourque does not wish to be re-appointed due to increased commitment to the Frye Island Fire Department.

People who have indicated interest in being appointed to the Planning Board:

                Ed Charrette, Lot 79,  John Crosby, Lot 307,  David Treacy, Lot 501

David Treacy has attended several Planning Board meetings.  Ed Charrette has indicated that he would rather be a member of the Planning Board, and would resign from the Appeals Board.

The minutes of the June 6, 1999 meeting were approved as written.

The minutes of the June 19, 1999 Planning Board Hearing were discussed.  Bob Hannah moved that the minutes be amended to add the following sentence to the last paragraph.  The Board VOTED to make no recommendation, and to move them forward as Articles.  The minutes were approved as amended.

The Board discussed how to present the Warrant Article on the roads.  Bob Hannah explained the changes he had made to the wording, in order to conform to Maine State Law.  We have received a legal opinion that the wording could be changed without requiring an additional public hearing.  Selectman Oleg Svetlichny reiterated the points that he had made at the hearing about the advantages of making the roads public easements.  Bob Hannah agreed to prepare a handout for the FII and Town meeting.  He will make the necessary motions at the meetings, and speak for the Planning Board.  We agreed to have a meeting at 7:45 am on Saturday, July 3, before the FII and Town meetings, in case we need to take any further action.  Marge Hommel will post the notice of the meeting.

Patty Meyer and Oleg Svetlichny explained the land use inventory they are compiling of all of the Island Lots.  They are using several different sources, and resolving conflicting information.  Oleg is keeping this information in a database on the computer.  This should help us in our zoning ordinance revisions.

Marge Hommel passed out some proposed changes to the allowed uses in the 4 different zoning districts.  We hope to discuss this at our meeting in July.

Ed Johnson proposed a vote of thanks to Paul Bourque for all the hard work he has done in the past year.  This is Paulís last meeting.  All the members joined in applauding the work he has done.

The meeting was adjourned.

Marge Hommel, Secy