Minutes of the Planning Board Meeting              

                          Saturday, May 24, 2008

                 Frye Island Community Center



Present:          Ed Johnson, Marge Hommel, Sam Donio, Steve Kaplan,

                        Margarete Schnauck.


Absent:           Dave Treacy, Paul Peterson


Attendees: Wayne Fournier, Town Manager  #1113, Ed Charrette  #79, George & Pipsa Amato- 1221


In preparation for the meeting a copy of the minutes of the BOS 7/7/07 meeting was passed out to all Planning Board Members.


Ed Johnson, Vice Chairman opened the meeting at 8:30 am. Margarete Schnauck, alternate was appointed to be a voting member for this meeting.





Minutes and Correspondence


Steve Kaplan made a motion to accept the minutes of the October 6, 2007 work session: seconded by Ed Johnson: all were in favor.


Old Business


Comprehensive Plan Update


Ed Johnson stated at the next meeting when Dave is back, the committee needs to discuss reallocating the assignments.


Steve Kaplan stated that as part of the first phase of upgrading the water system, the new pump house has been completed and is operational.


Wayne Fournier stated that the first phase of the water system lines to be upgraded will be from Sunset to the intersection of Birch and Ridge with Highpoint being the first priority – then Ridge and then Sunset. He stated that E.J.Prescott was the lowest bidder and will order the parts. Jeff Snow will do the excavation.


Marge Hommell suggested that a map be posted showing the current area being worked on so people could pick alternate routes if necessary. Wayne stated he didn’t feel it would be a problem as only one side of the road would be dug up at one time.

Steve asked Wayne for the anticipated time table for completion. Wayne said he felt it would be approximately a five year project, but a lot depends on the availability of funding which comes from improved lots. The first $75,000 went to pay for the new pump house. The next $75,000 will go toward the new water lines. He hopes to complete one section per year.


Shoreland Zoning


We have an extension but need to prepare a list of sections to be amended to present at the next Town Meeting for approval. This needs to be submitted to the DEP: otherwise the DEP will impose its own rules.


Issues: Docks, raking, clearing ground cover / brush. Sam Donio asked if we could look at what other waterfront towns have used for language and if its been approved and adopted then maybe we could use the same language. Wayne will give Sam a list of towns that have their language approved. Sam will investigate and give a presentation at our next meeting.


New Business


Discuss the need to draft an ATV ordinance addressing the use of grandfathered ATV’s following the BOS interim policy dated 7/7/07.


Wayne explained that the DOT has given the Town authority to register golf carts; however the office staff was unaware of the differences and allowed six Utility Type ATVs to be registered.


Utility vehicles are stronger than golf carts and by law have to have a governor which allows the speed to be no more than 20 mph. These vehicles cannot be used as off road ATVs.


George & Pipsa Amato – lot 1221 came to the meeting to speak on their own behalf as owners of one of the grandfathered utility vehicles. They stated their vehicle is strictly used as a golf cart on the roads and has a governor set for 20 mph.


Marge questioned the need for drafting an ordinance if all we do is continue to grandfather in the six utility type ATVs that are already registered. Marge also stated that she didn’t think grandfathering was the way to go as it seemed unfair to others who  might want to purchase a similar vehicle.


Steve suggested a second option might be to draft an ordinance that would allow  utility vehicles, but not off road ATVs.


Marge moved that the board appoint a sub committee to study the situation more extensively. Marge and Steve were appointed and will present a draft at the next meeting.


Tree Cutting ordinance for interior properties


Ed Johnson stated that currently there are no laws in effect to prevent owners of interior lots from clear cutting their lots and within the last couple of years , several interior lots have been clear cut of trees. Ed suggested that there should be an ordinance put in place stating tree cutting restrictions.


Ed Charrette # 79 stated that when Paul White was in office as CEO, he would walk the lot and discuss cutting trees as part of the building permit process so that the larger trees could be saved.


Ed stated that previously there was a proposed ordinance discussed, but because it was too restrictive, it was never put forward as an ordinance. He suggested that aside from the necessary clearing for a house, an ordinance needs to be in place to preserve the older trees stating a certain height and width that can’t be cut – and not to be picky about the “twiggy trees”.


Other suggestions:

If you clear cut, you can’t get a building permit.


You cannot cut without presenting a preliminary plan for a building permit to the CEO showing what trees need to be cut for placement of the house.

Ed Charrette volunteered to help form a rough draft to create an ordinance and will present at the next meeting.


Discuss ordinance to implement Beach and Marine Policies


Wayne Fournier, Town Manager, stated that there have been multiple complaints about beach safety. The Beach Committee has written a beach policy listing the rules which was approved by the BOS on 9/25/05; however the big issue is that there is no way to enforce the policy without an ordinance in place. One of the major complaints is the increased number of boats and Sea-doos pulling up and taking over the beaches.


Wayne will present a copy of the policy for the next meeting.


Future Meetings


Ed Johnson announced the future Planning Board meetings:

6/14/08            working session

6/28/08            regular meeting

7/12/08            work session

7/26/08            regular meeting

8/09/08            work session

8/23/08            regular meeting

9/13/08            work session

9/27/08            regular meeting

10/11/08          Town meeting.


Steve Kaplan made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Margarete;: All in favor.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted

Inez“ Smitty” Kaplan, Recording Secretary