Town of Frye Island Planning Board Meeting

July 8, 2006

Frye Island Community Center


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Hommel at 8:30 a.m.


Present:  Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Steve Kaplan, Paul Peterson, Kathy Potts, David Treacy

Attendees:  Carl Hommel, Jim O’Connor, Nancy Donio, Sam Donio, Harry Zea, Town Manager Wayne Fournier


Minutes and Correspondence:  Minutes of previous meetings held on May 13, 2006, as well as September 10, September 17, and September 24, 2005 were approved as presented.  The minutes of June 24, 2006 were approved as amended.


Board Reorganization:  The 2006 Planning Board elected Paul Peterson, Chairman;  Ed Johnson, Vice-Chairman, and Kathy Potts, Secretary.   Sam Donio was recognized as the nominee to fill the voting alternate position;  it is anticipated that he will be appointed at the next Board of Selectmen’s meeting.  The meeting was chaired by Paul Peterson.


Old Business:


Update of Comprehensive Plan – Members of the Board reported briefly on their work prior to an organizational Comprehensive Plan meeting planned for July 15, 2006.  Marge Hommel is working on land use, and plans to review her portion with CEO Paul White to determine and clear up current discrepancies.  She also volunteered to do extensive electronic cut and paste revisions as portions of the Comprehensive Plans are completed. Steve Kaplan is working with the Public Works Department regarding the Water System.  Ed Johnson reported that he has been consulting with the Frye Island Fire Department.  Nominee Sam Donio volunteered to assist with the section on Recreation.


Growth Ordinance – Paul Peterson polled the Board members regarding their wish to revisit the Ordinance prior to any action by the BOS/Executive Committee.  Dave Treacy has drafted language to amend the ordinance.  Steve Kaplan proposed written comments from the public and/or Planning Board members.  It was determined by consensus that the members will prepare for, and conduct a working meeting on July 22, 2006, at which time the Growth Ordinance will be discussed and possibly revised with recommendations to the BOS/Executive Board for their consideration.


Signs on Frye Island – It was noted by Kathy Potts that there is a proliferation of “for sale” and “for rent” signs on lots and cottage, which is a violation of FII Covenants.  She will ask the FII Board and the Town Manager to approach those owners and realty firms violating the covenant, as this is not covered by a Town ordinance. 


Emerald Point Water Holding Tank – Ed Johnson reported that there are conflicting reports as to whether the Fire Department is able to access the water tank in Emerald Point, which was a required part of the agreement between the Town and the developer.  Wayne Fournier will check into the situation and mediate a solution, should one be necessary.


New Business:


Waterfront Access via FII Lots --  Nancy Donio, representing the Beach  Committee, asked the Board to consider converting Lots 1601-1602 (currently owned by FII)  to a public beach, providing the proposal passes Site Plan review and the Maine DEP signs off on the plan.  After discussion, Paul Peterson suggested that the request be deferred until the Beach Committee reorganization meeting.  He will also speak to Joe Potts, current FII President, as to their position on turning over the lots as a public beach.  The topic will appear on a future agenda.


CEO Requests – Paul White has requested several changes in Town ordinances, including those requiring Planning Board action prior to CEO approval in Shoreland Zones, and sections referring to “Rural Zones.”  Wayne Fournier will ask Mr. White to specify sections he would like revised, and the Board will consider his requests at a future date. 


Future Meeting Dates:  A Comprehensive Plan organizational meeting is scheduled for July 15, 2006 at the Community Center.  Meeting dates for the balance of 2006 will be determined at the next regular meeting, July 22.


Complimentary Ferry Tickets:  Tickets are currently available in the Town office; these tickets cover attendance at three September, 2005 meetings and the May, 2006 meetings.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Kathy Potts