Minutes of Planning Board Meeting
June 24, 2006
Frye Island Community Center

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Hommel at 8:36 a.m. Members present: Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Paul Peterson, Dave Treacy, Steve Kaplan. In the absence of one regular member, Steve was appointed to be an acting voting member.

1) Minutes and correspondence

Steve moved, Ed seconded, and it was agreed to accept the draft June 10 minutes prepared by Kathy. Because Dave did not have more printed copies available this time, consideration of the draft minutes for the September 2005 meetings was again deferred. Marge reported that Wayne Fournier had received correspondence regarding the Comprehensive Plan. She had contacted MMA regarding Planning Board workshops, and learned that the only one scheduled for the time the Island is open is in Presque Isle. She also stated that Paul Peterson had been appointed a regular member, and that Dave Treacy was re-appointed and needed to be sworn in.

2) Old Business

Growth Management Ordinance

The Board of Selectmen has stated that this will be considered in time for the Fall Town Meeting. The Planning Board agreed to discuss this at the working meeting on July 8, and prepare recommendations for a July 22 public hearing. Paul asked if we could learn the date of lot purchase for each Growth Permit applicant. Wayne said this was not readily available, but it can be done. It was suggested that we should clarify that no one can have two Growth Permits open at the same time; and that an application for Growth Permit is transferable with the lot identified in the application. Paul asked if we knew Mr. Mainís formula for the amount of abatement. Marge said her memory was: 0% if the application would mature within 2 years; 10% if within 4 years, 20% if within 6 years, 30% if within 8 years, 40% if within 10 years. Marge pointed out that PB members can obtain answers to questions from legal@MMA.org

Comprehensive Plan

The water system portion needs a major update. Ed Johnson has talked to the Fire Chief regarding the equipment list. Carl Hommel said that material for transportation will be provided by the Transportation Commission. Dave Treacy has not yet looked at the Public Facilities portion. Paul said the fiscal capacity section will require much work. Ron Cedrone volunteered to help there. Dave (and Kathy) will propose a revised Questionnaire (5.3.2). Marge has additional Land Use data not yet reflected in the maps. Marge asked if we should set a meeting date on the Plan. By consensus, it was set for 08:30 a.m. on July l5. A notice of this should be put in FINS for June28.

3) New Business

Dave asked if we should re-visit the building footprint ordinance? The consensus was that the Board should not.

At 9.55 Steve moved, Ed seconded and it was agreed to adjourn.


Carl Hommel                                             68
Wayne Fournier, Town Manager            1113
Ron Cedrone                                              85