Minutes of Planning Board Meeting and Public Hearings

September 10, 2005

Frye Island Community Center


                 The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Hommel at 8:34 a.m.

Members present: Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Don Nolen, Kathy Potts, Dave Treacy, Paul Peterson, Steve Kaplan. 


1)  Minutes and correspondence

                 Chairman Hommel reported she had received correspondence from Dick Giggey, which would be discussed later.

                 It was moved by Dave Treacy, seconded by Don Nolen, and approved unanimously that the draft minutes for the Aug. 27 meeting, as prepared by Kathy Potts, be accepted.


2)  Old Business

                 Mooring Ordinance

                               Draft version 17a, dated Aug. 30, 2005 was reviewed, section by section..  No changes were made to sections 1 through 6E.  Section 6G was amended to change "with" to "within".

                 The requirement for paying a fee for appeal to the Harbor Master, in Sections 6F and 11 was discussed, with strong differences in opinion as to whether this was appropriate.  This fee was likened, by at least one member, to paying a policeman to come to your house.  On motion it was agreed to strike "by filing ... Executive Committee", with Dave Treacy and Marge Hommel voting against the motion.

                 After discussion that this should not be a net revenue producing ordinance, it was agreed unanimously to delete, from Section 9B, "to cover, at a minimum, the cost of a part-time harbormaster."

                 After discussion of the meanings of "drift" and "swing circle" by Dave Treacy, it was agreed to delete "Any watercraft ... caused by the wind." from Section 11, and to clarify that the following sentence referred to a waterfront property owner's mooring.

                 The requirement for a "mooring registration sticker" in Section 13 was debated, and it was unanimously agreed to change this to "a sticker as in Section 7D."

                 At Paul Peterson's suggestion, "of Town Mooring Lanes" was added to the title of Section 14.

                 It was then moved by Dave Treacy, seconded by Ed Johnson and passed unanimously to send the ordinance as so revised to Public Hearing on Sep. 17, with the comment that some Board members disagreed with some of the provisions.


                 Accessory Buildings

                               Kathy Potts moved, and Ed Johnson seconded, that we discuss the definition change proposed by Paul Peterson.  After discussion of the reasons for permitting laundry facilities despite prohibiting plumbing of any nature, it was moved by Dave Treacy, seconded by Kathy Potts, and agreed unanimously, to delete the sentence referring to laundry facilities.

                 Kathy Potts moved, Ed Johnson seconded, and it was agreed unanimously to send the revised ordinance amendment to the Sep. 17 Public hearing.


4)  New Business

            New Beach

                        Marge Hommel reported receipt of a message from Dick Giggey, via Nancy Fournier, asking if the Board should be involved if it is proposed to create a new Public Beach.  The background is that Beach 13 has been eliminated because of  the water intake pump house and piping extending into the lake.   Use of lots 1601 and 1602 has been proposed to provide a replacement beach to serve the increased growth along Ridge Road.  The proposal has been sent to the Executive Committee, which had not yet had a chance to consider it.

            It was agreed that it would be premature for the Planning Board to take this up until the Executive Committee has acted.  Dave Treacy suggested that Site Plan review would the be appropriate for the same reasons that led to review of the ball field.


            CEO Paul White comments

                        It was moved by Kathy Potts, seconded by Ed Johnson, and agreed unanimously to schedule these for discussion at the first meeting next spring.  Regarding RV's, Kathy Potts said she would look at the applicable covenants over the winter.

            Regarding the CEO's belief that docks should be considered structures requiring a building permit, after discussion it was moved by Ed Johnson, seconded by Don Nolen and agreed that the Secretary should write to Wayne and the Selectmen, with a copy to the CEO, that the Board believes that removable docks are not structures as defined in the Land Use Ordinances (especially 101 III 3B), don't need a building permit, and are adequately controlled by Portland Water District.


            Growth Management Ordinance

                        This ordinance should be reviewed every 3 years.  It was agreed to put it on the agenda for Sep. 24.


            Town Documents

                        Marge informed the Board that the Portland Water District septic list now agrees with the Town's list except for about 6 lots/systems.

            Lot maps are now scanned and will be available for viewing via computer.


            The next meeting will be Public Hearings at 08:00 on Sep. 17.

            At 10.51 the meeting was adjourned.




Joe Potts                                             1633

Kerry Kells                                         1757

Tony Torra                                          1888

Tim Toomey                                       1213

John Bond                                           1847