Minutes of Planning Board Meeting and Public Hearings

August 13, 2005

Frye Island Community Center


                 The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Hommel at 8:34 a.m.

Members present: Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Don Nolen, Kathy Potts, Dave Treacy, Paul Peterson. 


1)               Public Hearing -- Limitations on Sleeping Quarters

           Chairman Hommel opened the public hearing by reading the proposed ordinance.  The attendees were then invited to provide comments.

           John Nun asked "Why this was proposed?"  The original problem he had heard of was unauthorized kitchens.  Mike Mazzola opposed the proposal, suggesting that it could even bar a child's small playhouse.  John Crosby asked why it is not OK to have such a bedroom if the septic system can handle it.  Kaitlyn Nisula said she felt she should be allowed to have such a room.  No one spoke in support of the proposal.

           The hearing was then closed, and Board comments were solicited.  Kathy Potts said the proposal was based on the consensus of people attending the previous Board meeting.  The pot had been stirred by the proposed bunkhouse ordinance.  Don Nolen said that John Nun's comments were well taken.

           Dave Treacy moved, and Don Nolen seconded, that this be tabled to the next meeting.  Instead it was agreed that the Board should reopen the hearing at that time.  The hearing was then re-opened and recessed until the next meeting.

2)  Minutes and correspondence

                 Kathy Potts withdrew a request for an addition to the draft minutes.  It was moved by Kathy Potts, seconded by Don Nolen, and approved unanimously that the draft minutes for the July 23 meeting be accepted.

                 Marge reported she had received correspondence from the Marina/Beach committees, and this was put over until discussion of the Mooring Ordinance.  She also reported that she was working with Portland Water District to get an updated count of septic systems; and by Labor Day she should have a count of buildable lots.


3) Old Business

                 Mooring Ordinance
                 During discussion of the latest proposals, it was shown that two different versions of v.15 had been received by different Board members and other parties.  The Board agreed to work with v.15 dated Aug. 2, 2005.

                 It was agreed to substitute the language of Treacy's v.14t for section 4 and the definitions of Watercraft, Swing Circle and Mooring Location.  In the definition of Mooring Lane "Board of Appeals" should be changed to "Harbormaster."  The duties of the Board of Appeals should be expanded to include appeals from decisions by the Harbormaster.

                 During a lengthy discussion, many sections of the Aug. 2 v.15 were marked up to reflect the Board's consensus.  In 7D "mooring" was changed to "mooring float."  In 7E "removes" was changed to "moves or removes", and "removal" to "change."  In section 8 it was agreed that the Selectmen should have to approve placing a swim float off a Town Beach.

                 After considerable discussion it was agreed that the Annual Usage Fee in 9B should be $20 for the first year, and thereafter determined by the Executive Committee so as to be revenue neutral.   It was also agreed that in section 10 the restriction on mooring in front of certain lots should expressly not apply to the cafe docks.

                 Minor language changes were made to sections 11 and 12.  Reference to an annual application date was deleted, and the procedure for responding to a failure to pay the Annual Usage Fee was changed to provide a 30-day grace period after notification by Certified Mail.

                 Section 13 was extensively revised.  Lake access and parking should be determined by the property owner providing these, and the mooring clearance from other moorings should use the swing circle language of v.14t.  Dinghies and canoes left near a Town Mooring Lane must be rack-stored, and if hazardous should be removed by the Town.  In section 15 the date for payment of usage fees to prevent mooring removal was changed to July 30.

                 The Board agreed that Dave Treacy and Kathy Potts should work together to provide a revised document according to these discussions.

                 Memorial Garden/Cemetery

                 Kathy asked what the status of this matter was.  The Board is waiting to hear from the committee considering it.


4)  New Business

            Paul Peterson suggested that that the Board ask Paul White to come to a Board meeting and report any ordinance problem areas he has encountered.  Marge agreed to invite him.


            At 11:40 it was unanimously agreed to adjourn.




Carl Hommel                                                  68

Ron Cedrone                                                   85

Bill Stevens                                                    1767

Brian and Kaitlyn Nisula                               3037

Janis McFarland                                             506

John Nun                                                         269

Mike Hurley                                                   165

Harry Malloy                                                  1623

John Crosby                                                    27

Rich Purtell                                                    39

Tim McCarthy                                                159

Ed Charrette                                                   79

Francis Lichtenberger                                    43

Dick Giggey                                                   266

Bobbie Aranyi                                                271