Minutes of Planning Board Meeting

July 23, 2005

Frye Island Community Center


                 The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Hommel at 8:33 a.m.

Members present: Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Don Nolen, Kathy Potts, Dave Treacy, Steve Kaplan, Paul Peterson. 


1)  Minutes and correspondence

                 Draft minutes for July 9, 2005 were presented.  It was noted that the board reorganization was not recorded.  With that correction, it was moved Ed Johnson, seconded by Don Nolen, and approved unanimously that the draft minutes be accepted.

                 Marge received an e-mail message from Kathy Giggey, signed by 9 people, raising objection to the proposed location of a Columbarium in the tennis court portion of the Rec Area.  In response to the question whether anyone else wished to comment on this matter, Dave Treacy said that if that location were to be considered he hoped it would be clear that this did not set a precedent for overly liberal interpretation of the "recreation use only" covenant covering the Rec Area.


2) Old Business

                   Footprint Ordinance

                               Lichtenberger stated that the Shoreland Zoning ordinance limits non-pervious coverage to 20%.  Joe Potts noted that there is no such limit on inland lots.  Carl Hommel pointed out that the environmental impact is greater for shoreland lots.  John Nun offered the opinion that we don't have a need for this ordinance.  In response to the question as to the origin of the proposal, Ed Johnson stated this was suggested by Dick Norris.

                   Ed Johnson moved, Don Nolen seconded and it was passed unanimously that this be tabled until we come up with something equating inland to shoreland limitations.

                   Bunkhouse Ordinance

                               Dave Treacy presented a proposed amendment to the Land Use Ordinance, in accordance with a Board request, making "Sleeping Quarters" a prohibited use of accessory buildings.  Kathy Potts moved, Ed Johnson seconded, and it was passed unanimously, that this be set for a Public Hearing on Aug. 13.

                   Replacement Ordinance

                               A proposed ordinance drafted by Dick Norris was discussed relating to reconstructions/replacements/expansions which greatly increase the size of a dwelling unit. 

                   Steve Locke expressed his opinion that existing codes and inspections are sufficient.  Francis Lichtenberger agreed.  Carl Hommel noted that one concern is moving a house to another lot in order to build a large replacement, thus building two foundations.  John Nun stated the proposed ordinance conflicts with existing ordinances such as the Growth Management Ordinance.  Other comments were received from Nancy Donio and Ron Cedrone.

                   Ed Johnson moved, Kathy Potts seconded, and it was passed that this be tabled until the selectmen act.

                   Comprehensive Plan

                               An update of the Plan is required, under Maine law, in 2007.  Ed Charrette suggested that this is a long, complicated document, and should be assigned in pieces to different Board members for review.

                   Kathy Potts moved and Ed Johnson seconded, that the Board look at the Plan over the winter, for action next spring.  This was passed over Dave Treacy's objection, Marge Hommel abstaining.


                   Mooring Ordinance

                   Joe Potts presented a proposed draft ordinance controlling moorings.  He felt that objection to a mooring registration ordinance was fear of the unknown next step, so this proposal attempts to put it all together.

                   Kathy Potts asked where FII fit into this.  Joe said FII was intended to be excluded, and suggested that it lease all waterfront land to the Town at no charge.

                   Ed Johnson asked what is a "class E" crime.  Enforcement should be civil, not criminal.  Paul Petersen said the 100/200 foot differentiation has a questionable status, but there is a need for an ordinance and this is a good start.  Dave Treacy said he did not agree with all of the proposal, but favored it in principle.  Marge Hommel said she felt this proposal favors waterfront owners unduly.  Kathy Potts asked what was unfair.  Carl Hommel noted that fees and mooring inspections applied only to inland lot owners; and that as written this would also bar the cafe's docks.

                   Joe Potts said the last paragraph allows appeals; people can jointly plan mooring placements.  Richard Flowerdew repeated the feeling that the proposal is heavily biased against inland lot owners.

                   Tim McCarthy said the Marina had spent countless hours on this effort, and the committee should have a chance to continue its work.  They have a meeting scheduled for the 24th

                   Referring to the limited access of inland owners to the lake for mooring, Wini Rogers noted that FII has some long tracts of waterfront with parking possibilities.  Pat Karpacz said there must be care to avoid the east side water intake.

                   Joe Potts said his ad hoc group is not the right group  to carry the ball on this matter; it's a Planning Board responsibility.  Don Johnson said the Marina committee had not yet responded to the Board's request for suggested mooring areas.  Dave Treacy said the Board should seek recommendations from the Marina/Beach committees.  Carl Hommel said it is the best interest of all to do something about this. 

                   The next meeting and Public Hearing were set for Aug. 13 at 08:30.  At 11:10 Ed Johnson moved and Dave Treacy seconded, that the meeting be adjourned, and this was agreed.



Joe Potts                                 1633

Francis Lichtenberger             43/44

Ron Cedrone                           85

John Nun                                 269

Ed Charrette                           79

Carl and Carlton Hommel      68

Nancy Donio                           859

Bill Stevens                            1767

Steve Locke                            822

Dave Marcionek                     1409

Tim McCarthy                         159

Wini Rogers                           1984

Richard Flowerdew                202

Tim Toomey                           1213