Minutes of Planning Board Working Meeting

September 11, 2004

Frye Island Community Center


                 The meeting was called to order by Vice-Chairman Ed Johnson at 8:34 a.m.

Members present: Ed Johnson, Don Nolen, Kathy Potts, Dave Treacy, and Paul Peterson. 



2)  Minutes and correspondence

                 The draft minutes for the Aug. 28 meeting were presented.  After discussion that the first paragraph relating to splitting of a privacy lot was ambiguous, it was moved by Don Nolen, seconded by Kathy Potts, and approved unanimously that consideration of the draft minutes be tabled until the next meeting.


3) Old Business

                 MMA Seminar

                 It was noted that Marge Hommel and Dave Treacy are interested in attending.


                 CEO letters

                 No copies of this correspondence were available, so the matters were tabled until the next meeting.


                 Mooring Registration Ordinance

                 Tim McCarthy reported that, at a combined meeting of the Marina and Beach Committees there was consensus, with one dissent, to write a simple ordinance to require registration of moorings for a nominal fee.  Frye Island Police Officer Eric Pearce was a possible candidate for the position of harbormaster, and might also do this for Raymond.

                 There was much discussion about the amount of the registration fee.  Joe Potts suggested that the cost should be like that for a slip.

                 Regarding mooring locations, it is proposed that moorings not be allowed within 100 feet of shore off someone else’s waterfront lot.  Mooring safely beyond a swim area would be OK.

                 Duane German and Don Nolen contributed to the discussion of the proposal for registration.  Tim McCarthy stated that we must consider the registration issue separate from the harbormaster.  First we need to know what we have.  Tim noted that there were two versions of draft ordinances, but neither was available.


                 Memorial Garden/Cemetery

                 Nancy Fournier reported she has tried to obtain information on the possibilities and requirements, without success so far.  Kathy Potts asked how many islanders are interested, but no data are available.


                 Other Business

                 Duane German asked what was the status and reason for the proposal to rezone lot 501.  Ed Johnson said a warrant article was being prepared for this.  Dave Treacy said he would tell Duane about the background after the meeting.


            At 9:28 it was moved by Dave Treacy, seconded by Don Nolen, and agreed unanimously to adjourn.



Bill Stevens                    Lot     1767

Joe Potts                                  1633

Creed Ray                                118

Rick Philbrick                           1698

Duane German                         1963

Deborah Bloom                        1963