Minutes of Planning Board Meeting

May 22, 2004

Frye Island Community Center


                 The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Hommel at 8:35 a.m.

Members present: Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Don Nolen, Dave Treacy.  Members absent: Ed Charrette, and alternates Paul Peterson and Thomas Burgess.  A list of other attendees is attached.


1)  Minutes and Correspondence

                 PWD has provided to Marge a list of installed, permitted, and expired permits according to their records.  A copy of a May 3, 2004 e-mail message from Marge to Paul Hunt, Environmental Manager of PWD, re septic system counts was provided to the Board members.


2) Old Business

           Growth Permits

           The CEO is now issuing Growth Permits for 2006.

           Bob Roberts suggested that people should be notified if their growth permit is about to expire.  It was agreed that the Town Office should send a certified, return receipt requested letter to all such people.


           Emerald Point

           Good progress has been made on the water tank for the Fire Department in the circle.


           Tree Ordinance

           Consideration of this will be tabled until Ed Charrette returns.


3) New Business

                 Septic System Count

                 PWD has provided a list on 3 spread sheets of the septic systems shown on their records as of Jan. 1, 2004:  414 installed, 17 valid permits outstanding, 34 permits issued but expired.  The list seems to include a number of errors, including some obvious overcounts.


                 Lot mergers and splits

                 The Board has been asked what is the policy if an owner of more than 2 adjoining non-conforming lots desires to merge them so that they can then be divided into two conforming lots.  MMA advised this does not require a subdivision permit, but it is desirable to go through the Planning Board.  The Town cannot require this procedure, but MMA recommends it so that the Planning Board can certify that the resulting lots are conforming.

                 It was agreed that the Board should place a notice in the FINS that anyone in this position is not required to come before the Planning Board, but the Board will be glad to review the plan and approve it if it meets the ordinance.  It is noted that a split into two lots does not require a subdivision  application.

                 Diane Babineau stated she wants to merge lots 1305, 1306 and 1307, and move the mapped walkway which is shown passing between two of the lots, preparatory to dividing into 2 conforming lots.  She was advised to contact FII regarding the walkway.


Growth permit ordinance

                 The agenda for June 26 should include an item suggesting amendment of the ordinance.  What happens if a Growth Permittee scheduled for a future year is bumped up into an earlier year, but doesn’t want to build that soon?  Bob Roberts suggested that the ordinance be amended to state that the Planning Board can handle administrative details such as this.


The meeting was adjourned by mutual consent at 9:27




Other attendees

                 Selectman, Bob Roberts

                 Town Manager Wayne Fournier

68            Carl Hommel

1307     Diane Babineau

111     Jan Roberts

3302   Colleen & Ron Clough  (Emerald Point)

74       Frank & Becky Limar