Planning Board‑BIT Executive Joint Meeting

September 27, 2003


Present.‑ Kuiken, J., Robertson, B., O'Connor, J., Morin, G., Nolen, D., Hommel, M., Peterson, P., Treacy, D. and Charrette, E.


Correspondence.‑ e‑mails were reported from Dave Decker, Pat Karpacz, Dick Giggey and three others indicating that they favored the number fifteen new home building permits each year rather than the proposed ten/year as stated in a Planning Board draft ordinance.


There was a consensus that a growth rate limitation ordinance was desirable but a long debate ensued regarding the best number to put before the shareholders and Town voters. Jim Kuiken and CEO Bill Foye spoke in favor of fifteen but others wanted a lower number. Nolen moved to increase the number to 15 and Treacy seconded it. Finally, it was approved that fifteen would be the wisest number. We were reminded that the new home building permit moratorium was ending on 10/19/2003.


Steve Harvey stated for the record that he was not interested in pursuing any legal action against the Town, but that he was in attendance to emphasize the necessity of continuing efforts to improve the infra‑structure of the Island, both physically and operationally.


John Crosby stated that he was very concerned about the impact of heavy truck traffic on the ferry and roads. He felt that a high Impact Fee would be helpful.


There were several minor word changes approved in the Growth Ordinance. In 101‑V‑11, the following words were added to the first line " and then a public hearing and a vote at Town Meeting.  In 101-V-13, the words “Town Council” were changed to “Board of Selectmen” in two places. 


It was noted that there had been a procedural problem regarding Warrant #11 at the July 2003 BIT and Town Meeting.  The Article was tabled at the BIT meeting, and amended and passed at the Town Meeting.  It was voted to resubmit the Article to the October Town Meeting.  No amendment is necessary, since the amendment just delayed the implementation until October 1.  Thus, there is no change from the June Public Hearing and submission.