Minutes of Planning Board Meeting

Sep. 13, 2003

Frye Island Community Center


                 The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Hommel at 8:33 a.m.

Members present: Ed Charrette, Marge Hommel, Don Nolen, Dave Treacy, Tom Burgess.  A list of other attendees is attached.


Tom Burgess was appointed to act as a voting member for this meeting.


1)  Minutes and Correspondence

                 The secretary was requested to email a copy of all approved minutes to Joe Potts.

                 Moved by Charrette, seconded by Nolen and passed unanimously that the minutes of the July 26 and Aug. 30 meetings be accepted as presented.

                 Marge:  Received a letter from Marcia Corradini re Emerald Point. 

                 Kuiken:  I suggested the procedure of chipping at the Town Dump.

                 Treacy:  If the Town Manager agreed to this, I donít think we should object.

                 Marge:  Ed Johnson requested we table this until the next meeting.  Agreed.


2)  Old Business

                 Land Use Ordinance

                 Marge:  Upon review of various comments, I have changed the draft to reflect a limit of 10 Growth Permits per year.

                 Charrette prefers 9.    Nolen prefers a low number.   Treacy prefers 15.

                 Harvey:  What is the driving force behind the growth limitation?  We were told Emerald Point would not affect the water system.  The ferry is overrun in July and August with construction vehicles.

                 Charrette:  brainstorming sessions are desirable on these issues.

                 Moved by Charrette, seconded by Nolen to change the limit to 10.  Passed 4:1, Treacy opposing.


                 Tree Ordinance

                 Charrette gave a brief explanation of the proposed ordinance, noting the last sentence of sec. 10.

                 Kathy Potts:  Where is size defined?

                 Charrette:  This will be added to the definitions.

                 Nolen:  We should aim for a better version in 2 weeks.

                 Jackie Atkinson:  What about trimming oaks to reduce acorns?

                 Charrette:  It is best to give people wiggle room, and not be too restrictive.

                 Burgess:  Installation of modular homes is a problem.  It requires a large clear area.

                 Marge McCarthy:  If people donít like trees, why buy on Frye Island?

                 Harvey:  Septic approval brings in PWD, who will advise on trees.

                 Charrette:  The CEO will be a member of the Tree Commission ex officio.

                 Harvey:  In Raymond consideration of the phosphorus plan requires consideration of trees.  Iíll ask Pat Cayer to send a copy to the Planning Board.

                 Agreed to put this on the agenda for Sep. 27.

                 McCarty:  What if removal is needed to build a modular home?

                 Harvey:  Then you should require mitigation planting.


                 Underground Wiring Ė Discussion deferred

                 Accessory Buildings

Much discussion, pro and con, regarding storage of boats and trailers.

                 Nolen:  We should not be encouraging sheds on isolated lots.

                 Moved by Charrette, seconded by Burgess, passed 3:1 --   The secretary should write a letter to the CEO explaining the Planning Board opposition to building accessory buildings on non-contiguous lots.

                 Burgess initiated a discussion regarding overweight vehicles.


The meeting was adjourned by mutual consent at 9:52


Other attendees

68             Carl Hommel

245           Warren Eastman

3030 ...     Stephen Harvey

145           Jackie Atkinson

1633         Kathy Potts

323           Jim Kuiken

1676         Bob and Mary Deming

16             Bruce Nisula

386           Kathy Huchthausen

129           Mark Sullivan

79             Marie Charrette

872           Pat Tessier