Minutes of Planning Board Meeting and Public Hearing
August 30, 2003
Frye Island Community Center


                 The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Hommel at 4:05 p.m.

Members present: Ed Charrette, Ed Johnson, Marge Hommel, Dave Treacy, Tom Burgess, Don Nolen.  A list of public attendees is attached.


1)  Minutes:  Moved by Ed Johnson, seconded by Don Nolen and passed unanimously that consideration of the minutes be tabled.


2)  PUBLIC HEARING -- Proposed Growth Limitation Ordinance

                 Bill Foye:  There are not enough copies of the proposed ordinance for those at the hearing.

                 Johnson:  The document is available on the web site.


                               Comments from the Board:

                 Marge:  I made 22 copies at the Town office.  There is one change from the last version.  Moving an old house to a new location requires a growth permit.  Also, we have received comments via e-mail.

                 Johnson:  Let Dick Norris deliver his comments first.

                 Norris:  People find loopholes, which produce bizarre behavior.

                               (1)  A waiting list with priority carried from year to year produces a panic effect, and a long line.  A lottery, new each year avoids this.  A random drawing is fair.

                               (2)  Anyone who owns an undeveloped lot has an incentive to get a growth permit.  Then when you get to the head of the line, you advertise "lot with growth permit."  Therefore it is best to make the permit non-transferable with the sale of a lot.

(3)  We should not want people to purchase a lot having an old, small cottage, in order to tear it down and replace it by a larger house.  This is possible under the present proposal.  To avoid this, we should require a growth permit if a re-build involves more than a 20% increase in volume.

                               (4)  Moving an old cottage to allow building a big new house should not require a growth permit for the moved cottage.

                 Treacy and Burgess:  A lottery is bad.  People fear that bad luck will make them wait.

                 Marge:  Transferability of a growth permit with sale of a lot is bad.

                 Johnson:  The 20% rule is desirable.


                               Comments from the public:

                 Bob Roberts:  Dick Norris is concerned with moving a cottage.  Tearing down a cottage needs 3 to 4 dump trucks, while a new foundation, etc. needs many trucks.

                 Foye (responding to Victoria Cook, lot 1157):  A permit may be updated.

                 Wm Levitt (241):  How many permits per year?  Answer: 9.  Why the need?

                 Johnson: In answer to what started this, the Comprehensive Plan, and the ferry problems.

                 Foye:  The rate of growth is financially driven.  The island 750 septic limit is not near.  One family drove many hours, with $1165 in cash in a brown bag, to get a building permit, after hearing word of the Selectmen's attempt to put in a moratorium.  I am opposed to the mentality that we should pull up the drawbridge and let no one in.  Also, the growth permit cost would be the same for a $50,000 house and for a $500,000 house -- both of which were issued last week.

                 Bovaird (1655):  (inaudible)

                 Don Hadley (174):  Agrees with Foye.  How do we bring the long term lot owners into this?  They do not live on the island.

                 Curt Farnsworth (9):  People who got their own place are trying to exclude others.

                 Donohue (1630, 1811):  Anyone who owns property has a right to build.  We need a short moratorium to catch our breath, and ...

                 Roberts:  A water system plan is in place.  A number of house run short of water now.  We are trying to maximize the use of the existing ferries.

                 Ted Charrette:  Raising the ferry ticket price will reduce demand. 

                 Marge:  a ticket increase to $10 is in the budget.

                 Ed Charrette:  I have letters from people who are hurt by the growth spurt.  One is from Louis and Stephanie Stone.  Sandy and Jim Storr wrote supporting a limit on growth.  Paul Peterson suggests an administration fee of $500.

                 (lot 1576):  30% is reasonable.

                 Roberts:  People should come to the special Town meeting at 8 p.m. next Saturday, where there will be warrants for an impact fee ordinance and a moratorium ordinance.

                 Ted Charrette:  Will proxies be allowed?

                 Marge:  They are not allowed by the Town Charter.  These proposed ordinances are on the web page.

                 Lyons (1603):  There are more people on the island.  We need to take a breath.

(Lot 376):  Isn't the goal to provide the infrastructure to support 750 cottages?

                 Burgess:  The ordinance must be reviewed in 3 years.

                 Treacy:  I have changed my mind.  I no longer think we have proved the need for this ordinance.

                 Marge:  If we'd limited growth 10 years ago we wouldn't be here today.

                 Ted Charrette:  We chose Frye Island for what it was.

                 Christine Phillips (1775):  Everyone wants what it used to be.  I am opposed to a lottery.  I had to wait until I had the ability to build.

                 (lot 378):  Supports a growth limit.

                 Bill Braley (1381):  (inaudible)

                 George Brooks-Gonyer:  A lottery can be used with adjustment for waiting more than one year.

                 Kevin Kane (205):  Lotteries create problems.

                 Burgess:  I move that the Board agree not to consider a lottery.  Seconded by Treacy, passed unanimously.

                 It was moved by Marge, and seconded by Charrette, to eliminate the last sentence on page 4, sec. 101e regarding transferability.  The motion failed, 3 to 2.

There being no other comments, the hearing was closed at 5:37 p.m., and a brief recess declared.

At 5:53 p.m. the meeting reopened.


3)  Tree Ordinance

                 Charrette: Please all look at the draft tree ordinance before the next meeting, which is Sep. 13 at 8:30 a.m.


4)  Underground wiring

                 Tom Burgess is to draft a letter regarding anyone's records or knowledge of buried wiring.


5)  Accessory Structures

                 It was agreed we should take this up next spring.


6)  New business

                 Marge requested the secretary to write a letter to Wayne, with copies to Ed Johnson and Marge, asking assurance that the brush or slash from the Emerald Point subdivision will be ground on, or removed from Frye Island.

                 At 6:35 p.m. the meeting was adjourned by mutual consent.


Public Attendees


Lot           Name

68             Carl Hommel

241           William ___

1790         Normand and Barbara Erekson

17             Bob and Claire LaDow

1603         Kathy Lyons

1157         Victoria Cook

1749         Walter Glamuzina

1752         Bud Faulk

907           Jeff Lacerte

1984         Paul W__t

1990         Gerard Jackson

1991         Frank and Carmela Reali

1992         Barbara Hambleton

1605         Diane Babineau

74             Frank and Becky Limauro

7, 8           Joe and Faye Needham

25             George Brooks-gonyer

85             Kathryn Bacastow

111           Bob Roberts

63             Jean Masayda

379           Fritz and Christa Mueller

61             Dick Norris

CEO         Bill Foye

205           Kevin Kane

1076         Betsy Gleysteen

159           Tim McCarthy

1655         Neill Bovaird

1630,1811  Gary Donohue

901           Pamela Morency

166           Joan Shaughnessey

1059         Mack and Pamel Manning

174           Don Hadley

269           John Nun

1302         Peter and Joanna Hartman

79             Marie Charrette

307           Peter Ta__

9               Curt Farnsworth

352           Chuck Brown

1050         John wetson

211           Andrea Sansonetti

271           Bobby Aranyi

1831         Susan Small

217, 1730  Ted and Ann Charrette

1775         Christine Phillips

1381         Bill Braley