Minutes of Planning Board Meeting

Aug 9, 2003

Frye Island Community Center


                 The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Hommel at 8:33 a.m.

Members present: Ed Charrette, Ed Johnson, Marge Hommel, Don Nolen, Dave Treacy,  Paul Peterson.  A list of other attendees is attached.


1)  Minutes and Correspondence

                 Moved by Charrette, seconded by Nolen and passed unanimously that the minutes of the June 28 meeting be accepted as presented.

                 A letter from Bill Foye was received.


2) Old Business

                 Emerald Point Subdivision:  A copy of the “conditions” imposed as part of subdivision approval should be attached to the subdivision packet in the Town office.


                 Growth Management Ordinance

                 Moved by Treacy, seconded by Charrette, that a growth permit is not required for rebuild of an accidental burndown even if the rebuild is bigger, so long as there are the same number of bedrooms and septic system.  Motion failed.

                 Bob Roberts:  House size has little to do with the original intent of the growth ordinance.

                 Diane Babineau:  A rebuild causes as much use of water and ferry systems as a new build.

                 Bill Braun:  I must be clear what we are looking for: the total number of cottages, or the rate of building.

                 Moved by Johnson, seconded by Marge, to allow replacement without a growth permit.

                 Kathy Potts:  Is this any “replacement”?  Possibly add a hardship requirement.

                 Norris:  This is a growth rate ordinance.

                 Johnson/Hommel motion passed 3:1, Charrette opposing.

The present draft ordinance version should not be further changed.


                 Tree Ordinance

Lot 288 is cited as a bad example.

                 Marge:  PWD now requires that illegally cut trees be replaced.  Maine recommends less that 40% cutdown if more than 100 feet from shore.

                 Charrette:  Lexington, MA ordinance emphasizes that town owned trees cannot be cut.  Would like comments from others.

                 Braun:  Restriction could prevent building on a lot.

                 Norris:  The restriction, applicable to more than 100 feet from shore in the Shoreland Zone, should apply throughout the island.

                 Roberts:  This is really tough to enforce.

                 Harry McCarty:  Should we define a buffer zone between properties?

                 Charrette:  Clearing multiple lots has much more effect than clearing one lot.

                 Carl Hommel:  The tendency for people who live in Maine is to remove only what is really in the way.

                 Norris:  Removal should need approval by a committee.

                 Marge:  Bill Foye requires a plot plan showing the driveway and leach field.

                 Norris:  This plan should show trees wider than 8 inch diameter.

                 Roberts:  Lived in a town whose architectural review board considered trees.

Carl Hommel:  The Comprehensive Plan refers to desirability of tree cover.

                 Braun:  Contractors often clear for their own convenience.

                 McCarty:  the ordinance should set policy.  A copy should be given to contractors and new buyers.

                 Norris:  If a contractor removes a tree which was to be preserved, the contractor should be responsible to replace the tree.

                 Peterson:  Many groups are already involved.  If we cannot have teeth, we should do something.

                 Roberts:  The DEP is watching.

                 Nolen:  An awareness program is necessary prior to or incorporated with the ordinance.

                 Charrette:  Note Maine’s “Project Canopy”.

                 McCarty:  I volunteer for a Tree Committee.

                 Underground Wiring

                 After much discussion, agreed to add this to the Sep. 27th meeting.

3)  New Business

                 Accessory structures:  Bill Foye has requested clarification in the ordinance whether people should be allowed to erect an accessory structure on a lot not containing or contiguous to one containing a dwelling unit.

                 Norris:  Should we define what structures are allowed?

                 Roberts:  A privacy lot sold by FII has a deed restriction to a 10 x 12 shed maximum.


                 Marge:  Carl Hommel has suggested deletion of the 50 foot buffer from ..

                 Roberts:  “Clean-up” issues should be delayed to the July 2004 meeting.

At 10:18 a.m. it was moved by Dave Treacy, seconded by Don Nolen, and agreed unanimously that the meeting be adjourned.




68             Carl Hommel

1305         Diane Babineau

1214         Harry McCarty

1633         Kathy Potts

1683         Mal and Nell Wilson

111           Bob Roberts

61             Dick Norris

161           Bill Braun

1992         Barbara Hambleton

74             Frank Limauro

27             John Crosby