Minutes of Planning Board Meeting

July 26, 2003

Frye Island Community Center


                 The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Hommel at 8:36 a.m.

Members present: Ed Charrette, Ed Johnson, Marge Hommel, Dave Treacy, Tom Burgess.


1)  Minutes:  Moved by Ed Johnson, seconded by Ed Charrette and passed unanimously that consideration of the minutes of July 12 be tabled.


2)  Tom Burgess was designated to act as a voting member for this meeting.


3)  Correspondence:  In response to a question regarding an e-mail message from Portland Water District, Stephen Harvey stated that they had incorporated all the PWD recommendations before the vote on the subdivision.


4)  Growth Ordinance

                 5 local towns require proof of ownership before issuing a growth permit.  3 towns require delivery of the application in person.

                 Moved by Treacy, seconded by Burgess that "or Express Mail" be added to the modes of delivery.  Accepted unanimously.

                 It was suggested by Marge that septic applications should require a growth permit.  Diane Babineau suggested the septic applications could be stamped to provide a place in line.

                 Dick Norris:  What impact of moving an old house to a new site?  Treacy said this should require a growth permit, and Charrette said a permit should be required for the lot receiving the moved house.

                 Mr. Harvey:  What is the reason for the proposed ordinance:  growth?  traffic?

                 Dick Norris:  Limit a non-permit rebuild to the prior house size.  Are we going to think through carefully which reasons require which restriction?

                 Marcia Corradini: People who have owned lots for years would be upset by restriction.

                 Bob LaDow: Many surrounding towns have growth ordinances.

                 Marge:  Most growth ordinances were passed in the last year or two.

                 Greg Tedford (lot 208): Concerned that we will not allow people to do what they have a right to do.

                 Bill Foye:  "Philosophically opposed."  A moratorium needs a reason.  Each identifiable problem has a possible solution.  It will be extremely difficult to enforce.  He will quit if he has to enforce this.  He noted that this year is behind the permit pace of last year.

                 Mark Sullivan:  Opposed to the ordinance.

                 Jim Kuiken:  The Standish moratorium 7 years ago was a big factor in the Frye Island secession.

                 Diane Babineau:  The infrastructure is the key.  When she moved here she had no water on the July 4 weekend.  Now it is every weekend.

                 Kathy Potts:  an impact fee instead of a growth permit; a steep fee.

                 Nancy Fournier:  What would be the impact on the buyers in the Emerald Point subdivision?

                 Marie Charrette:  All of the infrastructure is being challenged.  We can't address all factors at once.

                 Mr. Harvey:  Impact fees are usually heavy.  Suggested no construction trucks be allowed on Fridays.

                 Bill Foye:  We need to look at our practices on the island.  We must maximize efficiency of use.

                 Carl Hommel:  another solution to ferry overcrowding is a transfer station.

                 Corradini:  Peeks Island has large containers for materials which are transferred when space allows.

                 Norris:  Workers are less a problem than delivery trucks and construction trucks.

                 Treacy:  An impact fee will hit the economically weak.

                 Foye:  Very difficult problem.  It is wrong to disenfranchise ...

                 Ed Charrette:  If Alfred, Cumberland, etc all have ordinances, this is not something new.

                 Mark Sullivan:  The Board does not have a plan to submit to the Town with alternatives.

                 Johnson:  If Mark has an idea for alternatives, please draw them up and the Board will consider them.

                 Wayne F:  We have a design for the water system.  We have ordered valves to improve the pressure.  The Town is trying to address the issues.  I lived on 2 islands.  We are different.

                 Bob Roberts:  Wayne expressed it very well.

                 Marie Charrette:  All people have put in a lot of time but 1 problem still remains -- the number of construction trucks on the island, and they exceed 20 mph.

                 Norris:  The Board has spent time considering a growth ordinance; but not on a workshop regarding other solutions.  The core area of store delivery has not been discussed.  If there were well thought out restraints, such as workers using pontoon boats ...

                 Treacy:  There's no space near Rubbs Cove for parking, etc.

                 Roberts:  This due to deed restrictions.

Wayne:  We have had discussions with a few people regarding alternatives.

                 Harvey:  I was on Raymond Planning Board 6 years.  They had workshops to bring in experts to give guidance.

                 Charrette:  We should put off the hearing.  Perhaps Wayne can have the result of a brainstorming session.

                 Marge: Our next meeting is Aug. 9.

                 Wayne:  Has facilitated brainstorming in the past.  How do we get the right people here?  He will put a notice in FINS and try to get something.

                 Marge:  We'll try to schedule a hearing on Aug. 30.

                 Moved by Johnson, seconded by Charrette to schedule a hearing at 8:30.

                 Roberts:  Should be 4 p.m.

                 Moved by Charrette, second by Treacy, hearing at 4 p.m. if the budget is in the morning.  Passed unanimously.

                 Pat (lot 1121): After many years of waiting, they are ready to build a little place.

                 Moved by Johnson, second by Treacy, to table further discussion.  Passed unanimously.


5)  Tree Ordinance

                 Charrette:  he State of Maine has guidelines which limit vegetation removal within 75 feet of the shore.  There is an immediate need to do something -- look at the lot across from #287.  It is ugly.  An look at lot 1887!

                 Carl Hommel:  We should prohibit cutting of trees greater than a certain size.  When a building permit application is made, the plan should show trees to be removed; for example, no removal of trees more than 14 feet from the house or drive.

                 Greg Tedford:  Maine and PWD have regulations.  The tree ordinance sounds like an attempt to require neighbors ...

                 Diane Babineau:  A big tree was cut just to provide a parking lot closer to the golf club.

                 Kathy Potts:I am a chief tree hugger.  But who would enforce this ordinance?

                 Charrette:  Some towns have a tree commission.

                 Norris:  Supports the idea.  A tree commission is good.  The limit should be on the circumference of a tree.  Before clearing a lot, trees to be removed should be identified, and the owner should meet with the commission.  Contractor cutting to ease their work is a problem.

                 Pat Karpacz:  Years ago an island survey showed that people wished to preserve the rural character.  It was collectively determined that Frye Islanders favor keeping trees.

                 Charrette:  If trees are cut on one lot, it doesn't matter greatly.  But when multiple people do it, the whole appearance changes.

                 Stephen Harvey:  Does anyone wish to volunteer for a tree committee?

                 Diane B:  Yes.

                 Marie Charrette:  Her town has a tree ordinance.  You are allowed to take down diseased trees or any which threaten structures.

                 Bob Roberts:  Favors the idea.  We should be careful of the impact on the island administration.  Who would enforce this, and at what cost?

                 Bill Foye:  Lot planning is required.  I had many complaints about lot 288.  We measured, and the removal was outside the 100 foot limit.  These things are very disruptive of the CEO's time.

                 Norris:  Lot 1887 is a bad example.

                 Treacy:  Who has the power to enforce this?


 6)  New business

                 Bill Foye:  Does anyone have a data base on pump back lots, where lines cross a road?

                 Marge:  Ron Fauscher agreed to send his info regarding pump backs.

                 Marge:  We should add underground wiring to the next agenda.

                 Rucci (lot 1964 (?)):  Add me to the tree commission list.


                 Marge:  Our next meeting should be at 8:30.

                 Moved by Burgess, seconded by Charrette to adjourn at 10:26.