Minutes of Planning Board Meeting

June 14, 2003

Frye Island Community Center


                 The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ed Johnson at 4:13 p.m.

Members present: Ed Johnson, Ed Charrette, Marge Hommel, Don Nolen, Jeanne Sullivan-Toomey, Dave Treacy, Tom Burgess.  Visitors: Carl Hommel, Craig Rosen (Lot 206) and John Schutz (Lots 1677 and 1858),  Stephen Harvey, Pat Cayer.

1) Minutes and correspondence

                 The Draft minutes of the Planning Board meeting on May 24, 2003 were presented.  It was moved by Ed Charrette and seconded by Jeanne S-T that they be accepted as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.

2) Old Business

   A)  Re-zoning of Lot 509

                 Ed Charrette moved, and Jeanne Sullivan-Toomey seconded, that the secretary be directed to prepare and submit a warrant article to change the Zoning Map to change Lot 509 from Rural District to Residential District.

  B)   Subdivision of Lot 509

                 Stephen Harvey stated that he was aiming to be ready for a hearing on the Subdivision and Site Plan application on June 28.  The secretary was directed to post a Notice of Public Hearing and send a letter to the abutters.

                 Pat Cayer presented a slightly revised site plan, and a topo map showing where houses might be located.

                 Marge Hommel asked if the right of way across the strip lot would be in writing.  Mr. Cayer said that 2 lots have been formed with the right of way between them.  The road would have two 9 foot travel lanes and a 3 foot shoulder on each side, making a 24 foot wide gravel road.  Edges will be ditched and culverted to a gentle flow area to the east.

                 No published requirement as to phosphorus export for Frye Island has been found.  Mr. Cayer has met with PWD, and the Frye Island CEO and Manager to discuss the application.  All septic systems will be at least 200 feet from the shore.

                 Don Nolen asked if there was any possibility of a dry hydrant for Fire Department use.  Carl Hommel stated that the nearest hydrant now is at the Golf Course Pond.

  C)   Non-conforming lots

                 Ed Charrette moved, Don Nolen seconded, and it was passed unanimously without further discussion that the secretary be directed to  prepare and submit a warrant article to change 101-I-4, D.2 of the Land Use Ordinances as drafted by Dick Norris following discussions at the previous meeting.

  D)   Stream definition 

                 Ed Charrette moved, Dave Treacy seconded, and it was passed unanimously without further discussion that the secretary be directed to prepare and submit a warrant article to change 101-III-17 of the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance as drafted by Dick Norris, based on discussions at the previous meeting.



3) New Business

                 Mr. Schutz asked if he needed Planning Board approval to put an accessory building on Lot 1858.  He was told that this approval is handled by the CEO.


  A)  Growth Ordinance

                 Concern was expressed that the current pace of home construction exceeds the capability of the Town's infrastructure and transportation, and the anticipation in the Comprehensive Plan.  Discussion developed that many towns limit the number of permits any applicant or builder may have outstanding.  Ed Charrette reported that he had toured the island and identified 26 houses now under construction, which is far greater that the average of 6.6 houses per year for many earlier years.

                 A subcommittee of Tom Burgess, Ed Charrette and Marge Hommel was formed to draft a proposed ordinance and report back on June 28.


  B)   Tree Ordinance

                 Ed Charrette suggested that we should consider proposing an ordinance to prevent excessive clearing of lots which is greatly reducing the tree cover on the island.


  C)  Appointments

                 The chairman was requested to notify the Board of Selectmen that Dave Treacy wishes to be re-appointed for a 3-year term; Tom Burgess wishes to be re-appointed as an alternate; and Marge Hommel wishes to be appointed as a regular member if an opening arises, and otherwise as an alternate member.


At 6:10 p.m. Ed Charrette moved, Jeanne S-T seconded, and it was voted that the meeting be adjourned.