Planning Board Meeting

August 3, 2002

Frye Island Community Center


The meeting was called to order by Ed Johnson at 8:30 AM. Members Present: Ed Johnson, Ed Charrette, Dave Treacy, Marge Hommel, Jeanne Sullivan Toomey, Tom Burgess, and Wayne Fournier.

1. Reorganization and Election of Officers:

Chairman… Ed Johnson, Nominated by Jeanne Sullivan Toomey, Seconded by Tom Burgess.  Elected unanimously

Vice Chairman…Ed Charrette,  Nominated by Jeanne Sullivan Toomey, Seconded by Dave Treacy. Elected unanimously

Secretary…Wayne Fournier, Nominated by Tom Burgess, Seconded by Dave Treacy. Elected unanimously


2. Minutes and correspondence:

The minutes of the Planning Board meeting held July 13,2002 were presented by Ed Charrette. A motion was made by Tom Burgess and seconded by Wayne Fournier to accept the minutes as submitted. The motion passed unanimously.


3. Shoreland Ordinance rewrite:

The review of the ordinance was tabled until the August 17, 2002 meeting which will be held at 4:00PM at the Community Center. It was decided to hold a public hearing on the Shoreland Ordinance in September.


4. Old Business:

Motion was made by Dave Treacy and seconded Ed Charrette to reaffirm the actions taken at the July 13, 2002 Planning Board meeting and passed unanimously.


5. New Business:

a)    Growth Ordinance:

Marge Hommel introduced the concept of a growth ordinance for the Island. The Code Enforcement Officer suggested that a Growth Ordinance be considered. A sub-committee consisting of Tom Burgess, Dave Treacy, Ed Charrette and Wayne Fournier was formed to review growth ordinances recently passed in other communities and evaluate their approach to controlling growth. The sub-committee will present its findings to the full committee when the review is complete. No time frame was established for this review.

      b) Beach 13:

Jeanne Sullivan-Toomey asked about the physical protection around the water intake area. Jeanne will investigate to see what is in place now.

      c) Flag Pole and Lights at the new ball field:

    A discussion of the new flag pole and the possibility of lights for the flag was opened by          

    Jeanne Sullivan-Toomey. Marge Hommel stated that a special permit was issued for the  

     construction of the ballfield and any variance from that permit would be addressed by 

     the code Enforcement Officer. The Board agreed.

      d) Future meetings will be held August 17th, September 7th and September 21st.


A motion was made by Ed Charrette and seconded by Wayne Fournier to adjourn the Meeting. The motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted: Wayne M. Fournier, Secretary