Minutes of Frye Island Planning Board meeting 07/13/02


Members present: Ed Johnson, Marge Hommel, and Ed Charrette


Minutes of 07/06/02 meeting were approved.


A motion to change the boundary lines for the Resource Protection Zones was made by Marge Hommel and seconded by Ed Johnson. It passed unanimously. The boundaries are as follows:

          Quail Circle No change

          Southeast Move to 1607 to 1614

          Southwest Remove all lots

          Northeast Remove all

See attachments (Area maps of lots involved)

There will be a warrant article, re the above, at the October Town Meeting


Other Business:


Dick Norris related that the Planning Board will have to study the second revision of Chapter 101, Land Use Ordinances and that some decisions re modifications and updates will be required. A Public Hearing will then be needed after the document is placed on the Town web-site.


Wayne Fournier is being considered by the selectmen as an additional Planning Board Member.


Submitted by:  E.E. Charrette