Town of Frye Island

Planning Board Meeting

Minutes, May 11, 2002  4pm


Location – Community Center


Present:  Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel,  Ed Johnson,  Dave Treacy , Tom Burgess, Ed Charrette, Jean Sullivan-Toomey


Visitors:  Dick Norris, Selectman John Crosby


I  Minutes

Acceptance of Past Minutes (from September 2001) were postponed.


II Comprehensive Plan

Bob Hannah announced that the State of Maine has finished review of plan.  He offered that that the changes offered by the State were insignificant changes in wording and dates. The Growth management act was consistent with our plan presented.   Motion was made by Ed Johnson and seconded by  Dave Treacy to move Plan to the Town of FI for acceptance. Motion carried unaminously.    Public meeting will be posted on 5/15, 30 day hearing will be on 6/15 at 3 pm and presented for vote at town meeting on 7/6/02.     


Comments- John Crosby proposed that language in plan be changed to include protection of trees from removal by our DPW, and alteration of wetlands by ditch digging by same.   Response- Ed Charrette pointed out that Sec  38 para 4 already provides guidelines for protection. Additional law to protect same would be placed on future agenda and Crosby  will  be notified of date. CEO will be notified of activity of DPW members.


III  Land Use Ordinances

BH announced that Land Use Ordinance changes will be tabled until Comprehensive plan has been accepted by Town of FI.


IV Resource Protection Zone

Bob Hannah presented a request by FII board for a Resource Protection Zone change.( Note – this is a zone that is unique due to slope of property to water or incursion of streams or wetland into the area).

   After discussion this item was postponed for a public hearing.


V- Meeting Schedule

Bob Hannah announced future meetings on 6/1,,6/15 and 30 minutes prior to 7/6/02 Town meeting.


VI—New Business-

A)   CEO has forwarded proposal by Café to store a 20’x8’x8’ metal storage unit behind Café enclosed by fence. Jurisdiction of Planning board was questioned and sent back to CEO for comments.

B)    Dick Norris presented information from MMA that municipality subdivision ordinance’s can’t be more restrictive than the State’s. (noting 7/25 change in law). Bob Hannah will forward our affected ordinance to MMA for interpretation


VII  A motion to adjourn was proposed by Ed Johnson, seconded  Dave Tracy and passed at 5:35pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Tom Burgess


Edited by Marge Hommel, Secretary