Town of Frye Island

Planning Board Meeting

September 29, 2001, 4:00 p.m.


Location – Community Center


Present:              Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Dave Treacy, Tom Burgess


Absent: Ed Charrette, Jeanne Sullivan Toomey


I Past Minutes were presented for approval

  9/8/01 – EJ made motion to accept, DT seconded. Minutes accepted unanimously

  9/15/01—BH questioned lack of inclusion of comments from public and denotation of same. Minutes were sent back for revision.


II Warrant articles

BH and MH reviewed Warrant articles and plans for public meeting. Number of copies were determined for distribution.


III  Comprehensive plan

BH announced that the Comprehensive plan has been released and acknowledged by the State of Maine.


IV  Merger of improved and unimproved lots.

     MH presented the state law on the issue.


     Bob Roberts- Will there be tax rebates for formerly buildable lots?

                Answer- possibly

                             What is impact on the 750 Cap on building by PWC?

                 Answer- no impact,

      Fritz Mueller- Are our records accurate?

                 Answer – TBA

                              How will new assessment effect these combinations?

                   Answer- tabled to spring meeting and determine how many lots are affected.

            Motion to allow merger made by EJ seconded by MH . Passed unanimously.

V- New Business

         Water System—Pushed back to town, not a Planning Board issue.

         Hunting and trapping enforcement assistance from the State.- No help, no    manpower.

          FM made offer to recodify Shore Land Plan.

         Motion made by MH to accept but differ action until the spring

           Seconded by EJ

          Vote unanimous

VI—Motion to adjourn MH

        Seconded  DT



Respectfully Submitted, 


Tom Burgess

Edited by Marge Hommel