Town of Frye Island

Planning Board Meeting

August 25, 2001, 4:00 p.m.


Location – Community Center


Present:           Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Charrette, Jeanne Sullivan Toomey,

Ed Johnson, and Dave Treacy


Absent:            Tom Burgess


1.     Minutes and Correspondence

Minutes of August 11, 2001 approved


2.     Land Use Ordinances rewrite

Dick Norris’ re-write was approved after discussion, and it will be presented at the Town Meeting on October 6, 2001 after a Public Meeting on September 15, 2001.  (Moved by Marge Hommel, seconded by David Treacy)


Use variances are permitted where allowed by State Law.  Approved unanimously.  (Moved by Marge Hommel, seconded by David Treacy)


3.     Comprehensive Plan – Vote to release to State

The Board approved the release of the Plan to the State within the next week.


4.     Lot 501 Zoning Change

Moved by Marge Hommel, seconded by Ed Charrette to change Lot 501 from Water Oriented Commercial to Residential.  Approved unanimously.

 (David Treacy abstained.)


5.     Cul-de-sacs

The road frontage requirement was changed from 100 feet to 50 feet for all lots in residential areas. (Moved by Marge Hommel, seconded by David Treacy)  Approved unanimously


6.     Firearms and Trapping Ordinances will be forwarded by the Town Manager to the State of Maine Attorney General for a written opinion regarding enforcement.



Respectfully Submitted,


Ed Charrette, Assistant Secretary

Marge Hommel, Secretary