Town of Frye Island

Planning Board Meeting

August 11 2001 4:00 pm

Location – Community Center


Present:      Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Charrette, Tom Burgess, Jeanne Sullivan Toomey, Ed Johnson, and Dave Treacy

Comprehensive Plan Chairman Fritz Mueller, FII Board secretary Carl Hommel


Preliminary Comprehensive Plan:

                        Joe Potts congratulated the Committee on the results of their efforts, but he stated that is was too prescriptive rather than just identifying potential needs and suggesting some alternatives.


                        Carl Hommel sent his suggestions directly to Fritz Mueller.  He recommended adding the Normandin Report regarding the number of homes that Frye Island could support.


                        Bob Hannah directed the Board to suggest specific changes in reference to Joe Potts comments.


Comprehensive Plan Status regarding Ridge area around pump house:

                        There are only two abutters within 300 feet, lot #1657 and lot #1655.  The public Water Supply must comment and sign off on any changes by abutters that might affect the purity of the drinking water, e.g. waste water disposal systems, etc.  Beach 13, which is nearby, has been closed.  The Board needs to make a change in the Land Use Map regarding this issue.


Lot #501 Issues – Tabled


Frontage on Cul de Sacs: The purpose of this proposed change is to decrease the need to combine lots.  This applies to several non-conforming lots for sale by FII’s contiguously owned lots and some privately owned lots.  Tabled – all but Marge Hommel voted in favor.  More detailed information about the involved lots was requested from FII.



                        A motion to eliminate campgrounds from water oriented rural and residential districts was passed unanimously.


Other Ordinances

                        The Board accepted the Home Numbering Requirement Ordinance. (See attachment)


Land Use Ordinance Rewrite

                        After some discussion, a decision was made to present a re-organized and edited base document at a Public Hearing without any changes in the law.


                        Bob Hannah is sending a letter to the Selectman, Executive Committee, and BIT. (See attachment)


                        There will be a Public Hearing held by the Planning Board on September 15th regarding the modifications of the Land Use and certain other Ordinances.   


Respectfully submitted,


Ed Charrette, Assistant Secretary

Marge Hommel, Secretary