Town of Frye Island

Planning Board Meeting

July 28, 2001  4pm


Location – Community Center


Present Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Charrette, Ed Johnson, David Treacy, Dick Norris

Associate members- Jeanne Sullivan Toomey,  Tom Burgess

Comprehensive Plan Chair  Fritz Mueller


The chairman, Bob Hannah called the meeting to order at 4 pm.


1)     The Minutes of 6/30/01 and 7/14/01 were accepted with a few changes to the 7/14/01 minutes.

Election of the Officers

2)     The following slate of officers were elected:

Chair-Bob Hannah, Vice – Chair, Ed Johnson, Secretary Marge Hommel,

Assistant Secretary Ed Charrette

Tom Burgess was appointed and sworn in today as second alternate to Planning Board.

Proposed Land Use Ordinance Changes

3a) Building Height-

Proposal to change original language of “Height of Structure” to “Structure of Building” .

 Proposal passes 3-2 with Treacy and Johnson casting dissenting votes.

       3b) Posted Lot Numbers- Ed Charrette will rewrite the article and solicit feedback

              from the Fire Department.

       3c)  Re: ‘Cul de Sacs”- Definition will be brought to the next meeting by Marge             


3a&b addendum- Will be sent to MMA by Marge Hommel for their opinion.

Town Manager was again requested to write to Attorney General for an opinion.

        3d) A penalty is needed for the lack of registration of golf carts. This will be coordinated
               with the Board of Selectmen after Marge Hommel drafts language for a  penalty on
              to the ordinance.

Comprehensive Plan Status

Time Line for plan submission and approval:

July 28th posted

August 11th Preliminary Public Hearing 4pm

August 25th Workshop

August 27th Submission to the State

September 8th-Public hearing


Bob Hannah will write a letter to the Selectmen to request a supportive letter regarding the Comprehensive plan. Fritz Mueller will draft a transmittal letter to the State regarding the unique nature of the town, which will be bound to the Plan.

4) Ordinance rewrite:

   Dick Norris submitted recommended changes in definitions with comments.

These changes will be reviewed by the committee and discussed at a future meeting.

   There was a motion to consolidate all ordinance definitions which was seconded

And passed 5-0.


5) Zoning changes:

     David Treacy will write the Article  to change the zoning on Lot 501 from “water oriented commercial” to ”residential”.


6) Other ordinance changes:

    There was an update on the enforcement of the ordinance on the prohibition of the discharge of weapons. We were informed that the State Wardens would only enforce our ordinance during the hunting seasons. Bob Hannah will ask the Town manager about the duties of the Town Constable.


The meeting adjourned at 6 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Ed Charrette, Assistant Secretary

Marge Hommel, Secretary

     E.C.  T.B