Town of Frye Island

Planning Board Meeting

June 30, 2001 4:00 pm


          Location:  Community Center


     Present:  Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel ,Ed Charrette, Ed Johnson, Ed Charrette, Patty Meyer

Associate member as of July 1: Jeanne Sullivan Toomey

Comprehensive Plan Chairman Fritz Mueller,

FII Board secretary Carl Hommel


The chairman, Bob Hannah called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.  In the absence of regular member, Dave Treacy, Bob appointed Patty Meyer as a voting member for this meeting. 


Comprehensive Plan:

            Since Fritz Meuller was present to discuss the Comprehensive Plan, Bob Hannah asked to take that item first.  Fritz stated that the Plan was substantially complete with some minor exceptions.  He asked that Patty Meyer and Marge Hommel read the modified section 1.5 on natural resources to see if any changes need to be made to interface the land use and future land use sections with the ones on water and other natural resources.


Fritz stated that, with appendices, the Plan runs about 350 pages plus maps.  His goal is to distribute a copy of the plan by mid July and ask for comments.


Marge will get a copy of the plan to Joe Potts to put on the Frye Island web page.  Fritz is drafting an introduction stating that this is a preliminary draft and will change over time. Written comments from the public are solicited.


We will have hard copy by July 15 to distribute to all of the Town Officials.  Fritz estimates we will need about 24 copies, and that this will cost about $350, not counting the cost of reproducing the maps.


The Board VOTED to freeze input to the Plan on July 9, and ask for comments up to mid August.


We hope to have a public workshop on the plan around August 25th with various members of the Committee manning tables explaining their sections.


We then went back to our agenda.


Minutes and Correspondence

The minutes of the June 2 regular meeting were approved.  The minutes of the June 23 meeting were approved with a spelling change.


Proposed Ordinance Changes

1.         Hunting and Trapping:  Bob will ask the Department of Wildlife and Inland Fisheries what they will enforce.


2.         Change to Definition of Building Height:  The Board agreed that the building height should be measured from where the building, including the foundation, contacts the ground.  We will ask Dave Treacey if he will do the rewrite.


3.                Ordinance to Require Building or Lot Numbers:  Ed Johnson will mail a copy of an ordinance to Bob Hannah.  The size and visibility need to be stated.


4.                Lot width:  This should be put on the next agenda.


5.                Rezoning Lot 501:  We will ask Dave Treacey to write this up.



We concluded the discussion at the hearing.  Bob will create the findings, which we must sign.


Ordinance Rewrite:

This will be on the July 28 agenda.


Road Standards:

Carl Hommel asked about road standards.  He wanted to know what would be needed if FII wanted to develop Cocktail Lane.



We will open an account. Marge has not received the information from John Crosby, yet.


Sebago Lake:

Patty Meyer spoke with Ron Faucher from the Portland Water District.  He stated that only about 7% of Lake Sebago pollution comes from sewage.  Most comes from water run off from the roads.


Ferry Landing

Patty handed over her information about the ferry landing in Raymond to Marge Hommel.


Board Reorganization:

We will put a notice in the Fins, asking for another alternate member. Bob thanked Patty for all the time and effort she has put in over the last two years. We will have an election at the July 14 or July 28 meeting.  Bob is willing to remain as Chairman, but we need a new Secretary.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 pm..


Respectfully submitted,


Marge Hommel, Secretary