Town of Frye Island

Planning Board Public Hearing & Working Meeting

September 9, 2000 4:00 pm

     Location:  Community Center


     Present:       Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Dave Treacy, Patty Meyer, Oleg Svetlichny

Island Manager Rich Roedner

Island Residents who spoke at Public Hearing or Working meeting:

Don Hadley lot 174-175,Fran Limauro lot 74, Carl Hommel lot 68, Charles Monty lot 500, Dick Norris lot 61.


The Public Hearing was called to order by the Planning Board Chairman, Bob Hannah, who immediately recessed it to allow Rich Roedner, Island Town Manager, to give a presentation about how to conduct a site plan review.  After this, at 4:35pm, the Public Hearing was reconvened.


1.      Changes in Land Use Ordinances

A.  Setbacks for Residential and Water Oriented Commercial Zone:

Don Hadley questioned road frontage.  Carl Hommel asked if lots must be merged if they have less than 100 feet of road frontage.  The answer is that this is what the ordinance requires.  It was pointed out that the phrase “without public water was missing” from the Residential lot requirements.

B.     Definition of Abutter

Don Hadley asked why we did not define an abutter as someone with a contiguous lot, rather than specify the number of feet.  It was explained that our lot sizes are small, and so affected parties need to be notified. Fran Limauro asked if the change would be retroactive.  It was explained that the current requirement of 250 feet would remain until changed at Town Meeting.

C.     Formation of a Recreation Zone

Carl Hommel asked why a site plan review is required for sheds.  He stated that he did not object to a review for larger buildings, but thought that a small building (shed) to store equipment should not need a site plan review.  Ed Johnson asked if a site plan review was required to develop an undeveloped beach.  Since this is not a change in usage, a review would not be required.

D.  Revision of Article XIIa concerning septic systems. It assumes that the Town is on well water

There was no discussion about this.  The changes make it consistant with the Town of Frye Island rather than Standish.


The Planning Board VOTED to send all of these Ordinances, with edits, to the Selectmen for inclusion in the October warrant.


2.      Other Ordinances

A.  Use of Weapons Ordinance  --  There was no discussion
B.     Hunting and Trapping Ordinance

Charles Monte asked how this affects trapping of household pets outdoors.  Bob Hannah will make some edits to this before inclusion in the Warrant.

C.  Ferry Ramp

Don Hadley asked why we need this Ordinance.  Carl Hommel said that there was a problem, and that he had modified a Standish Ordinance which only pertained to bridges in Standish. 


The Planning Board VOTED to send all of these Ordinances, with edits, to the Selectmen.

Copies of all proposed changes are filed with these minutes.


3.      Zoning Changes

Rezone lots 2000-2029 from Water Oriented Commercial to Residential

This was proposed by the Planning Board, and approved by FII.  The location of the lots was pointed out.


Don Hadley then asked about the Ordinance to change the setback requirements for corner lots.  It was explained that this Ordinance was VOTED to go on the warrant after a previous public hearing.  Marge Hommel agreed to furnish Don Hadley with a copy of the proposed change.


The Public Hearing was adjourned at 5:35 pm.  Bob Hannah then convened the Planning Board Working Meeting.


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


The results of the public hearing were discussed.  It was agreed to let the rezoning of lot 501 and the adjacent recreation area wait until next year.


Bob Hannah pointed out that we cannot prohibit Mobile Homes by State Law.  This will be considered so that we can have an ordinance change ready for the July 4th  Town Meeting.  Bob explained that there are State requirements for affordable housing.  Some Board Members felt that this should not apply to a part-time Town.


Dick Norris volunteered to look over all of our Zoning Ordinances over the winter to clarify their meaning.  Ed Johnson was not in favor of changing them, this way.  The rest of the Board felt that we should allow him to do this.


Bob Hannah asked that we allow a Public Hearing on the ball field at 8:30 am, rather than 4 pm.  The Board agreed.  The Hearing will be tape recorded.  Marge Hommel requested that we use a paid secretary to take minutes.  This was also agreed.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:55 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Marge Hommel, Secretary