Town of Frye Island

Planning Board Meeting

August 26, 2000 4:00 pm


     Location:  Community Center


     Present:       Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, ,Ed Charrette,Dave Treacy, Patty Meyer

     Absent:       Oleg Svetlichny


     Others:        Carl Hommel, Secretary FII; Fritz Mueller, Chairman Comprehensive Plan Committee; John Crosby, Selectman; Jimmy Kuiken, Selectman; Bob Roberts, Chairman Zoning Board of Appeals


The chairman, Bob Hannah called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.  As noted in previous minutes, the July 8 minutes were revised to show that Ed Johnson was present at the meeting.


Minutes and Correspondence:


                Minutes of the August 12 meeting were APPROVED.

                Bob Hannah passed out the most recent Planning Board Manual, dated October, 1999, replacing the old one dated 1991.  He asked Board Members to review Appendix 1 section 10 about e-mail.  Exchange of email between board members is OK for giving facts, but NOT for opinions.


Land Use Ordinances – results of Public Hearing on August 12


     Put on warrant for BIT and Town Meeting


Definitions – Add shed as an accessory building, which is 144 square feet, or less in size

Residential - Use changes as presented last October
Minimum Lot size:                               20,000 square feet

Water Oriented Commercial - Use changes as presented last October
Minimum Lot size:                                30,000 square feet

Corner lots            Some road setbacks will be reduced to 30 feet.  Further reductions, from those in the proposed ordinance are subject to a special exception from the Appeals Board.


     Change and have another public hearing on September 9


Residential – make setbacks for all lots the same, regardless of lot size

                This was discussed by the board and was VOTED 3 to 2.  Marge Hommel & David Treacy were against, Ed Johnson, Ed Charrette and Bob Hannah were in favor. 

                Accessory building setbacks – make the same for all lot sizes.  This was VOTED 4 to 1 with David Treacy opposed and Marge Hommel, Bob Hannah, Ed Charrette and Ed Johnson in favor.

Water Oriented Commercial – same revisions as for Residential


     When discussing setbacks, Jane Arsenal, lot 151 asked about setbacks from the water.  It was explained that this is covered in shoreland zoning, and the above changes have no effect.


Report from Comprehensive Plan Committee


     Fritz Mueller reported on the progress of the Comprehensive Plan Committee.  A summary will be placed in the FINS.  There were 31 attendees at the sorkshop meeting for Island Leaders.  Outreach meetings are planned for different Island groups.  There will be a presentation to the public on September 30, 2000.  In order to have a Plan to present to Town Meeting in October 2001, we must have a completed plan to present to the state on June 22, 2000.  There will be work done over the winter in order to achieve this.


Jane Arsenal asked what is the impact of the new construction on the plan?  It was explained that this needs to be taken into account.


Zoning Map


Carl Hommel, Secretary of FII, asked that the FII lots numbers 2000 to 2029 be rezoned from Water Oriented Commercial to Residential.  The Board VOTED to submit this change to a public hearing.  The Board also VOTED to ask  that FII impose the same Deed Restrictions on any lot sales as were imposed by Leisure Living.


Rezoning of lot 501 from Water Oriented Commercial to Residential.  David Treacy asked that this be combined with the rezoning of the adjoining Recreation Land.  Bob Hannah proposed that we create a recreation zone and put the adjoining land in this zone.  It was VOTED to TABLE this for 2 weeks until after a Public Hearing on the  creation of a recreation zone.


Mobile Homes:  We may need to modify restrictions on mobile homes, which Maine State Law says must be allowed.  Bob Hannah has a call into the State for clarification.  Current deed restrictions forbid them on land sold by Leisure Living.


Public Hearing


The Board voted to have a public hearing on September 9, 2000 to avoid conflicts with other meetings.  It was VOTED to include the formation of a Recreation zone for non-commercial recreation, and the change in the definition of abutter in the Public Hearing.  This is in addition to the other articles voted at the August 12 meeting.


Other Business


Marge Hommel pointed out that our current zoning ordinance requires that an Occupancy Permit be issued before living in a dwelling.  After discussion, the Board felt that this should be enforced.  It was VOTED to request that the Town Manager ask the Town Code Enforcement Officer to enforce this provision.


Carl Hommel, lot 68, presented an Ordinance to prohibit swimming and other activities from the Ferry Ramp.  It was VOTED to send this to the Public Hearing on September 9, 2000.


Bob Hannah explained that there may be a potential conflict of interest when discussing the proposed Ball Field.  He formally asked each member of the Planning Board, except Oleg who was not present, if they owned 10% or more stock in FII.  The answer in each case was “NO”.  He asked that the Secretary send a letter to the Town Clerk stating this fact.


Bob Hannah asked that we all read the sections in the new Planning Manual about Conflict of Interest, and about Site Plan Review.  He stated that we have not had a formal application from the Ball Field Committee, yet.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:52 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Marge Hommel, Secretary