Town of Frye Island
Planning Board Public Hearing & Working Meeting
August 12, 2000 4:00 pm

     Location:  Community Center

     Present:   Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Dave Treacy, Patty Meyer

Island Residents who spoke at Public Hearing:

John Crosby lot 27. Dick Norris lot 61. Don Hadley lot 174-175, Bob Roberts lot 111, Kathy Potts lot 1633, Greg Tedford lot 208, Winnie Rogers lot 1668,

Ernie Wrzesinsky lot 285, Carl Hommel lot 68, Bob Desfosses lot 64

Additional Residents who spoke at the Working Meeting

     Steve Comley lot 261, Steve Torigian lot 156, Jim O’Conner lot 1054

The Public Hearing was called to order by the Planning Board Chairman, Bob Hannah

1.      Changes in Land Use Ordinances

Copies of all proposed changes are filed with these minutes.

1.      Definitions:  add definition of shed

John Crosby commented that the main reason for redoing the residential and the water oriented commercial zones was to require building permits for sheds.

2.      Residential Zone

                                                   i.      Allowed Uses

Don Hadley asked about Timber Harvesting.  Bob Hannah responded that this was for commercial timber, only.  It did not affect lot clearing.  Don also asked if manufactured homes included the Log Home Kits.  It was explained that these were allowed in both residential and water oriented commercial zones.

Dick Norris wants to eliminate the 56 superscript since it is not used.  It was explained that the format is the same for all zones.

Kathy Potts asked for a clarification on Day Care.

                                                 ii.      General Lot size & setback requirements

John Crosby asked about the difference in setback requirements for lots under 20,000 square feet and lots 20,000 square feet and over.  He feels that the setbacks should be the same for both.  Ed Johnson agreed.  David Treacy disagreed.  Greg Tedford said to make the side setback 15 feet for all size lots.  Don Hadley said that Standish never enforced the different requirements for different lot sizes.  He also feels it should be 15 feet for all.  Bob Roberts agreed

                                                iii.      Setback requirements for Accessory Buildings

Bob Roberts supports the decrease setback requirements for accessory buildings.  Don Hadley supported this, and also the decreased side setback for sheds.

                                               iv.      Setback requirements for sheds

3.      Water Oriented Commercial zone

                                                   i.      Allowed Uses

Winnie Rogers asked about putting a Day Camp in this zone, or in a residential zone.  Bob Norris wanted to reformat the superscripts

                                                 ii.      General Lot size & setback requirements

Ernie Wrzesinsky asked about the store and restaurant.  The current zoning requires a building to be 100 feet from the shoreline.

John Crosby wants the setback requirements to be the same for all size lots.

                                                iii.      Setback requirements for Accessory Buildings

These are the same as for the residential zone.

                                               iv.      Setback requirements for sheds

These are the same as for the residential zone

4.      Corner Lots

                                                   i.      Definition

                                                 ii.      Setback requirements

Bob Roberts and Ernie Wrzesinsky supported the revision

Don Hadley said that this still only allows a 30 foot wide building & deck on a 75 foot corner lot.

Bob Roberts stated that this would have solved all but one of the appeals which came before the Appeals Board this year

2.      Changes to the Zoning Map

Copies of proposed changes are attatched to the minutes.

1.         Rezone FII owned Recreation Land adjoining lot 501 from Water Oriented Commercial to Residential

Carl Hommel stated that the FII Board had not considered this.  He asked that the Planning Board table this until after the FII Board has met.  Ed Johnson MOVED to table until August 26, seconded by Patty Meyer, PASSED unanimously.

There was discussion about the allowed uses in a residential zone.  Dave Treacy passed out a copy of the deed to 501 which mentions the recreation area.  This states that the area must be used for recreation.  Kathy Potts stated that verbal communication with Ehrnardt states that the use is for children’s recreation.

2.         Rezone lot 501 from Water Oriented Commercial to Residential

David Treacy wants this considered as part of the rezoning of the adjacent recreation area.  He feels they should be considered, together.

The public hearing was adjourned.

Planning Board Working Meeting

The Planning Board working meeting was called to order. 

1.                  Organization – Elect Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary

The first order of business was to reorganize the new board.  Bob Hannah was nominated for Chair, Ed Johnson for Vice Chair, and Marge Hommel for Secretary.  There being no other nominations, the secretary was instructed to cast one vote for the slate.

2.                  Proposed site for Ball Field

This was moved up on the agenda, to allow Steve Comley to present the preliminary plans.  The proposal is to site the ball field on land where the current north tennis courts are and on the adjacent Saddle Club Riding area.  He stated that they are negotiating to acquire lot 800, adjacent to the tennis courts, to be included in the plan.

Bob Hannah said that this was a preliminary hearing, and explained what was needed for the site plan review.  He explained that no changes could be made in the site plan after it is approved.  He said that some of the conditions of approval were not relevant, and could be waived.  All dimensions must be marked on the plan.  Bob Hannah also stated that recreational uses are allowed in a residential zone.  A site plan review is required because this is a change of use (from tennis to a ball field), even though both are recreational uses.

John Crosby asked if the plan could be looked at without lot 800.  He also stated that the current buffer zone of trees would remain.

Steve Torigian asked why the plan showed 15 – 20 parking spaces if there were not to be that many people there.  Is there a usage plan?  He also requested that bicycle parking be addressed.  There was also a question of sanitation.

John Crosby stated that the ball field is badly needed.  He says that there are lots of kids playing ball both in the road and on the beach.  He feels that this is not a change of use, since both are recreational.

Ed Johnson said that when the committee is ready with a final plan, it should let the Planning Board know.  All the abutters need to be notified of a site plan review.

Jim O’Conner asked when Islanders could comment on the proposal.  Greg Tedford expressed support for the ball field.

3.                  Minutes & Correspondence

The minutes of the July 22 meeting were approved.  Marge Hommel pointed out an error in the July 8 minutes that had Ed Johnson both absent and present.  He was present, and the July 8 minutes were corrected.

4.                  Land Use Map

The final draft of the Land Use Map, dated August 1, 2000 was passed out.  Although things are always changing, there will be no more updates until October.  A copy will be filed with these minutes.

5.                  Comprehensive Plan

Fritz Mueller has assumed the Chair of the Comprehensive Plan Committee.  This was unanimously approved by the Board.

We need to find the contract from the State, on the grant money for the Plan.  There needs to be a warrant article to approve the grant and appropriate the Town’s share of the funds.

Fritz reviewed where the progress of the Committee, and what still needed to be done.  We may have to ask for an extension, since we may not be ready with a final draft, this fall.

6.                  Revision of Ordinance concerning definition of Abutter

The proposal, written by Dave Treacy, would change from 250 feet to 150 feet the distance defining an abutter.  Ernie Wrzesinsky thought that even 150 feet was too much.  Dick Norris felt that we needed the 150 feet, although 250 was too much.  It was MOVED and SECONDED to change the definition in the zoning ordinance to 150 feet, and to have a public hearing on the change.  A copy of the change is filed with these minutes.

7.                  Zoning map changes requested by FII

FII requested a zoning change on 20 lots at the south end of the Island.  These were changed from Residential to Water Oriented Commercial, by Standish in the December 1997 rezoning.  FII would like them zoned back to Residential.  It was VOTED to submit this change to a Public Hearing in 4 weeks.

8.                  Revision of Fire Arms Ordinance

Marge Hommel objected to the inclusion of sling shots in the prohibition of weapons.  John Crosby pointed out that sling shots, now sold in sporting goods strores, are lethal.  The Board VOTED to submit the change to a Public Hearing.  A copy of the change is filed with the minutes.

9.                  Revision of Hunting & Trapping Ordinance

The Board VOTED to submit the change to a Public Hearing.  A copy of the change is filed with the minutes.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Marge Hommel, Secretary