Town of Frye Island
Planning Board Meeting
Saturday, June 24, 2000 4:00 pm

     Location:  Community Center

     Present:   Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Goeff Rice, Ed Charrette, Patty Meyer, David Treacy,
Selectman Oleg Svetlichney, BIT Chairperson Pat Karpacz lot 1620A
Island Residents: Fred Brownstein lot 251-252, Diane Babineau lot 1305,
Fritz Mueller lot 379, Don Hadley lot 174-175

The chairman, Bob Hannah called the meeting to order.

Minutes and Correspondence:

            After discussion with the Planning Board two weeks ago, Mr. Gottlieb has withdrawn his request.  He will submit a modified plan, with measurements, at a later date.

            The minutes of the working meeting were not available and will be acted upon at the next meeting.

Shoreland Zoning:

            Bob Hannah stated that we need to modify our shoreland zoning as none of our lots meet the current standards of 200 feet of shoreland and 40,000 feet minimum lot size.  Goeff Rice MOVED that we clarify our shoreland, and other zoning to make explicit what can and cannot be done.  Bob Hannah seconded the motion which was PASSED unanimously.

Land Use:

            Ferry Trailer: Oleg stated that there are plans to rebuild the ferry trailer, and wanted to know what our zoning ordinances will allow.  Since this property, although used by the Town, is part of the Town of Raymond, he was referred to the COE of that town.

            Corner Lots:  Don Hadley presented a revised proposal for changing the zoning on corner lots.  He defined the primary access.  The Board felt that this should be defined by the traffic.  Ed Johnson thinks that the ordinance should allow the appeals board to modify the setbacks by special permit, rather than by requiring a varience.  He would leave the primary access to be decided by the CEO.  Two Board members, Patty Meyer and Dave Treacy, will meet with Don Hadley to try to formulate an ordinance modification.

Land Use Issues:  Marge Hommel passed out her summary of Land Use Issues which need to be addressed. 

Formation of a Recreation zone.  There was discussion about the addition of a Recreational zone to our current zoning.  Bob Hannah thought that there may be tax issues involved.  The Board decided to think about the issue.  There is no hurry, since recreational uses are permitted in both Residential and Water Oriented Commercial zones.

Rezoning of lot 501.  David Treacy says that he has no objection to changing the zoning of lot 501 from WOC to residential.  However, he thinks that FII should purchase a 10 foot wide strip of land ajoining the Administration building.  Currently, any change in access to the building would be on his land.  Also, part of his land is rented to the Café, and is used for commercial business.

Minimum lot size.  Last years proposal called for a 30,000 minimum lot size instead of the current 40,000.  Bob Hannah felt that this should drop to 20,000 square feet for Residential, and 30,000 square feet for Water Oriented Commercial.

Contiguous Lots.  These are adjoining lots which are in a comman ownership.  Cottages cannot be built on them individually unless they meet the current zoning standard.  The COE enforces this provision when issueing a building permit.  We need to draft a letter to real estate agents, and to FII emphasizing this fact.  Marge Hommel will investigate the case of 3 contiguous lots.

Waivers.  Maine State Law says that lots less than 20,000 square feet must have a waiver before they can be built on.

Comprehensive Plan:

            Bob Hannah stated that representatives for all Island organizations are needed to review the plan.  Ernie Wrzesinsky lot 285 has agreed to be the liason for the Fire Department.  Oleg Svetlichney agreed to be the liason for the Board of Selectmen if he is reelected.  BIT Chairperson Pat Karpacz will represent the BIT.  Fritz Mueller will represent FII if he is elected in July.  We need a representative of the Appeals Board.

Oleg Svetlichney agreed to work on issues relating to the ferries.  He will draft a letter to Blount asking for current replacement costs.

            Bob Hannah discussed the comments that COGS had on our current plan.  It needs to be reorganized.  We need to define our financial capacity for the long term.  We also need to define our long term goals and plans to implement those goals.  We will need to complete the plan over the summer and submit it to the State.  We will not be ready to adopt it until next year.

David Treacy stated that we need a plan for growth.  This must be included.  Pat Karpacz suggested that we ask the Board of Appeals for their suggestions.  Fritz Mueller stated that growth means cottage growth, since we have no census data.  There was discussion of the impact that renters have on our plan.  Various schemes were suggested to estimate how many renters there are, each week.  One suggestion was to ask volunteers to count the number of people arriving on Saturday.

Bob Hannah will assign tasks at the next Comprehensive Plan Committee meeting.  It was agreed  that the meeting time be changed from 8:30 am to 4 pm on July 1. 

The meeting was adjourned at 5:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Marge Hommel, Secretary