Town of Frye Island
Planning Board Working Meeting
June 10, 2000 4:00 pm

     Location:  Community Center

     Present:   Bob Hannah, Marge Hommel, Ed Johnson, Goeff Rice, Interim
Town Manager Dave Decker, Selectman Oleg Svetlichney
Island Residents: Sylvia Brownstein lot 251-252, Diane Babineau lot 1305, Don Hadley lot 174-175, Fritz Mueller lot 379,

The chairman, Bob Hannah called the meeting to order at 4:05 pm.

Minutes and Correspondence:

            Minutes of the May 27 regular meeting were APPROVED.

Discussion of the Gottlieb request:

            Mr. Gottlieb presented a revised request, which he believes meets the guidelines in the shoreland zoning ordinance.  He will add a covered walkway to the guest cottage, which was not shown on his revised plan, so that both buildings are considered as one.  After discussion, the Board had many questions.  Bob Hannah will talk to the State DEP and to COGS to get clarification on the 30% rule for expansion and the 50% value rule.within the 100 foot shoreland setback.

Land Use Ordinances:

            Changes to definitions:  Marge Hommel passed out the proposed changes to the Land Use Ordinance which added a definition of a shed, and modified the setbacks in the Residential and WOC districts for accessory buildings.  The Board defined a shed as a small accessory building, under 144 square feet, used for storage.  The modified setback requirements will only apply to sheds.

Corner Lots:

            Don Hadley asked that the Board modify the zoning ordinance to relax the setback requirements for corner lots.  A typical 75 foot wide corner lot would only have 10 feet to build a house with the required 15 foot side setback, and the 50 road setback.  Don proposes that the street setback only be required on one side.  Don will come to the next meeting with a proposal.

Comprehensive Plan:

            There was a general discussion of the Comprehensive Plan and what work needs to be done on it.  Bob Hannah will add an Appendix to the current History.  Bob stated that we have a State grant, but he cannot find that anything has been filed, as yet.  Diane Babineau offered her services as a CPA to help untangle the mess.

            Bob went over the timetable for adoption.  We need to release it to the Town by July 1 in order to adopt it at the October Town meeting.  There are issues which need to be addressed by state statute, which are not in our current draft.

            Bob plans to meet with COGS before our next meeting to get their input on our current draft.

            Bob stated that the Planning Board cannot do this alone.  Any person who wishes to be a Planning Committee member can get a hardcopy of the Plan at the Town Office.

            Affordable housing was discussed.  A section needs to be added covering this topic.

Land Use Map

            Marge Hommel passed out a bar chart on current cottage values, based on the assessed valuations.

            Lot sizes are needed for input for several sections.  Patty Meyer and Marge Hommel will work at compiling this data.

Other Business

            Insurance for golf carts may be limited to persons 16 years old or older, even though our Ordinance allows them to be driven at 14 after the driver has passed a Town safety course.

            Issues of shoreland zoning need to be clarified.  What is the minimum shore frontage?  What kinds of waivers are needed to build on a shorefront lot?

The meeting was adjourned at 5:55 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Marge Hommel, Secretary