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Prior to July, 1998 Frye Island was a part of the Town of Standish. Because the Town of Standish did not provide any municipal services on the Island, the Maine Legislature passed a bill in 1976 creating the Frye Island Municipal Services Corporation (MSC). This was like having a town within a town. A movement to secede from Standish began in the mid-1990s, and culminated with Frye Island becoming a Town on July 1, 1998. The Town of Frye Island uses a Town Meeting / Selectman / Town Manager form of government. The minutes of all Town and Selectmen meetings are available on the Frye Island website.

The Annual Reports for the Town of Frye Island can be found online using the following links:

Annual Reports:

1998  (1.69M)        1999  (1.91M)        2000  (1.83M)       2001  (226K)

2002  (2.89M)        2003  (181K)         2004  (1.68M)      2005   (684K)


Annual Report files are in PDF format

The fiscal year for Town is the calendar year, with the approval of the budget for the fiscal year happening the prior October. The following links summarizes the Town financial information (information in PDF format).

Town Financial Summary   |   Ferry Financial Summary

The financial information for the above two links come from Audit Reports for the Town of Frye Island (or MSC prior to1999). Subsequent years will be added when Audit Reports are released. Check the budget information for pending year's finances listed as a part of the Town Meeting minutes.


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Posted: 03/12/2010