Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting

of the Board of Island Trustees
Town of  Frye Island
July 10, 1999

The location of the meeting was the Community Center at Frye Island Maine.


Mark Thomas, John Crosby, Dick Giggey, Pat Karpacz,  James Kuiken, Joe Potts, Oleg Svetlichny


Kathleen Potts, Ernie Wrzesinsky, Carl Hommel, David Treacy, and Victor Richards Town Manager




Mark Thomas placed in nomination Pat Karpacz for chairman of the Executive Committee and James Kuiken second the nomination. John Crosby motioned to cease nominations and Mark Thomas second. Unanimous on closing nominations. 5 votes for Pat Karpacz and 2 abstained.


Mark Thomas placed in nomination Dick Giggey for Secretary and James Kuiken second. Mark Thomas made a motion that nominations are closed and Pat Karpacz second. Unanimous on closing the nominations. Five votes for and 2 abstentions.

Motion was made and second for adjournment. Unanimous.


Meeting adjourned at 6:06 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Conrad Theberge, Town Clerk