Town of Frye Island

1 Sunset Drive

Frye Island, ME 04071-8001



30 August 2001


Mr. Matt Nazar                                    Mr. Rick Seeley

State Planning Office                                      GPCOG

184 State Street                                              233 Oxford Street

38 State House Station                                   Portland, ME 04101

Augusta, ME 04333-0038


Ref: Frye Island Comprehensive Plan




Attached for review is the Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Frye Island.  As the Island closes for the season on or about 3 November any correspondence should be with the Town Manager at the above address.  He, in turn, will pass information to the appropriate Board or Committee.


Due to the seasonal character of the Town, Town Meeting action on the Plan is now scheduled for 6 July 2002.  However, a formal Public Hearing is scheduled this year for 8 September.  In May 2002, prior to Warrant action, another Public Hearing will be scheduled to present the impact of State and GPCOG reviews.


In developing this Plan, careful attention has been given to the Maine1988 Comprehensive Planning & Land Use Regulation Act and the related review criteria.  In doing so it became clear that unique aspects of Frye Island might mitigate against meeting all published criteria.  However, the Plan is deemed consistent with the “10 State goals.”  But in developing the Plan for a Town just established 1July 1998, it became apparent there was a need to establish a historical database.  Hence, the document includes more background than might be expected.  


It is requested any who review this Plan recognize the following unique aspects of the Town of Frye Island as they are not the norm expected of a Maine Community.


·        The focus of all Islanders is on a rural and recreational experience. The Town has no real commercial or industrial base.

·        Frye Island is a vacation, seasonal town occupied only from the end of April to the first of November.  There are no year around residents.  However, an off Island winter office is maintained.

·        The national census says there are zero residents in the Town.  This has a negative impact on fund grants.

·        All public and local services, except electricity and phone, are terminated in the off season.

·        All Island cabins, cottages or homes are vacation / second homes.  (None are primary residences.)

·        No Frye Island school age children attend the SAD to which Frye Island belongs.  However, 40% of the Town budget is currently committed to the SAD.

·        From a land use planning and use standpoint, growth is constrained by a 1974 court order for Sebago Lake water quality protection.  This limits the platted (1342 lots) Island to a maximum of 750 septic systems or lots.  Property held by individual owners is at this number.


We sincerely believe we have met the intent of the law with this submission and that it meets the State’s criteria for an acceptable plan.  Your review will, no doubt, insure our mutual goal is achieved.



Thank you in advance for your help, assistance and counsel.


Yours truly,


Robert Hannah                                                                        Frederick W. Mueller, Jr. Chairman                                                                                 Chairman

FI Planning Board                                                                   FI Comp. Plan Committee




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