Section 5.4 includes a sample of the Outreach Documents and Meeting Results related to the development of the Town of Frye Island Comprehensive Plan.



MEETING SUMMARY-  Frye Island Book Club

Comprehensive Plan Outreach Meeting

14 August 2000

Frye Island, ME


As per the Comprehensive Plan outreach effort, I conducted an information/outreach meeting of the Frye Island Book Club membership on Monday, August 14, prior to our regular meeting.  I jump-started the discussion with the Leaders Workshop material.  I also invited those present (12 in all) to put any additional comments in my Island office mailbox.  As of today, only one person has done that.  The following list includes all points made to date.


1. The Watershed Committee has not met this year.  No one knows why.


2. We need a form of some sort in the office for people to use in order to make the island management aware of problems in a polite and friendly way.


3. Communication between the Office and the citizens needs improvement.


4.  More copies of the Fins must be printed during high season.


5. Everyone with a waterfront lot is concerned about erosion of his or her land into the lake.


6.  Water pressure inadequacy is a severe problem for inland lots particularly in the area around the pool.


7.  People need to be educated that planting grass and fertilizing areas around the shoreline is polluting the water we drink.


8.  Me. Residents would like the winners of state and federal elections posted on the island since they vote here.


9.  Several people expressed their displeasure with the idea of commercial development on the island.


10.  Everyone wants taxes to be kept low and level.


11.  Most were unhappy with the two-day closing of the town offices.  The general consensus was that closing just Sundays was enough change.


12.  Limiting the number of homes and the number of bedrooms per home was suggested as a way to control growth so that the infrastructure's capacity is not exceeded, ferry service need not be expanded and our water system would not be overly burdened.


13.  A point was made that we should control population growth so that demand for services does not exceed the tax revenue generated.


14.     The general consensus was that we need an official Town sponsored, appointed or elected, Conservation Commission, to help with education and monitoring the quality of the treasured rural environment which rated so highly on the census conducted by the Planning Commission last year.


Respectfully submitted.  


PAT KARPACZ, Member Comprehensive Plan Committee



Comprehensive Plan Outreach Meeting

19 August 2000

Frye Island, ME


                                                                                                                        25 August 2000

                                                                                                                        C. H. Mueller



Thirty-one islanders attended the workshop including the following:

Selectmen:  Kuiken and Potts

BIT Exec. Board:  Karpacz, Thomas, Giggey, and Decker

FII Board: Thomas, Comely, C. Hommel, F. Mueller, Babineau, Decker, Svetlichny, and Giggey.

Town Manager: Rich Roedner

Others: Town Clerk, Assistant Clerk, and 16 other islanders.



The Comprehensive Plan Workshop began at 2:05 with Fritz Mueller (Chairman of the Comprehensive Plan Committee) presenting an explanation of the purpose and focus of the Frye Island Plan. (Remarks copy at incl. 1) He described the process underway with the tentative plan for submittal.  Handouts were distributed.  (See copy incl. 2.)



Recognizing time was limited to one hour due to a scheduled Selectmen/BIT Exec. Board meeting, Fritz then asked for comments from the Island leadership and other attendees with emphasis on vision, or concern, regarding the Town’s 10-30 year future.


Svetlichny:  The need for growth control warrants consideration.





Decker:  It seems that much of the FII land holdings can’t be built on.  What should be done with it?

Comment:  Wetlands and impact of streams haven’t been treated as restrictive as maybe they should be.  The setting up of a Land Trust should be considered.


Fritz:  Should owners of private lots be contacted as to intent to build?  Also, we need a copy of the 750 septic system court order to fairly address its impact on the existing privately held properties.

 Comment:  Lot owners may wish to have perk tests and if they pass register them as a basis for protecting the lot under the 750 rule.  However, the length of validity of an acceptable test comes into question. 


Decker:  We may need to look at restrictive zoning.


Thomas:  Considering the 750 limit. FII does not sell a lot unless it acquires one from an existing private owner.


Roedner:  Should we consider a town sewer system?


Broadus:  The Portland Water District overruled an Island Sewer system many years ago.


Fritz:  Can one septic system serve several houses?  Unclear: Example of why 750 court order is needed.

General Comment: New technology may provide a system to replace septic tanks.


General Comment: Is there a growth problem?  General reaction: Perhaps not for 26 years.


Svetlichney: Growth is already a problem because of ferry limitations.



The Town’s Environment & Services:

Potts:  Remember that the Island survey showed islanders wanted a RUSTIC, RURAL, and RECREATIONAL environment.  There is no apparent intent to change that focus to include year around occupancy


Comment:  The impact of say 100 more homes, perhaps in 10 years, will affect services, i.e. water system, roads, ferry.  The impact on existing services must be considered.


Broadus:  Intensity of use is as important as growth.


Fritz:  The Comprehensive Plan will not, and should not, solve problems.  Its purpose is to foresee and recognize them.


Hannah: Ordinances and the Comp Plan should be in agreement.


Norris:  What about the requirement for affordable housing?  Shouldn’t we clarify the issue of mobile homes?


Hannah:  This is a difficult issue from a State policy standpoint.  We have discussed it with COG and intend to highlight in the plan the possible need for a state ruling.  COG has, tentatively, reacted positively to this approach.  It is also noted the old Leisure Living covenants preclude mobile homes.


Town’s Fiscal Capacity:

Roedner:  Consider reassessment to determine fiscal capacity of the town.  How is property assessed?  What other forms of revenue are there?  Like the ferry.


Closing Comment:

Fritz: Do you feel satisfied with the progress of the Comprehensive Plan Committee?  (Answer was “yes”.)  It is hoped that another interim draft of the plan may be submitted to COG and SPO in October 2000.


The Workshop ended at 3:05 PM.


The following are a sample of notices published in the FINS during the period in order to emphasize the outreach effort to keep Islanders informed and attract their involvement.



10 October 2000


Maine law requires all municipalities to develop and maintain comprehensive plans.  The plan structure is specified by the law and includes an Inventory and Analysis of 13 specific elements.  This then results in a Policies section, which promotes 10 State goals and addresses any conflicts among state goals and between regional and local issues.  The Town’s Future Land Use Plan, capital investment and regional coordination must also be addressed.  The final section is Implementation Strategy Development and must address 12 areas.


In the simplest terms the Comprehensive Plan is a state required statement of what the town’s citizens would like its future to be and how they intend to make that desired future a reality.


For the Town of Frye Island the responsibility for Plan development rests, by charter, with the Planning Board.  The Board has created a separate Comprehensive Plan Committee of 13 Islanders with diverse skills and experience.  At the 10 October Town Meeting, I as Committee Chairman, provided the following update on Plan development.


·         The Plan drafted by Vic Richards last winter was graded as 40% complete by State and Council of Government officials last May.


·         This summer the Town Comprehensive Plan Committee has produced a document that now approaches 80% complete including almost 200 pages.  On 10 October it will be mailed to the State and Council of Government offices for an “Interim Review.”  While the document still requires significant effort, it meets the State criteria for such a review.  Comments will facilitate needed refinement and channel efforts by section authors during the winter.  The review will also insure that the scope and focus of the Plan are on target.


·           If the review results are positive, the intent is to provide access to the complete Plan by spring via the Town web page. A copy of the interim draft is now available for inspection at the Town Office.  Steps are also underway now to place the maps in the Plan on the web. (Editors note: This has been done.  They can be found under “Documents” as “Maps”.  Thanks Joe Potts!)


·           The goal for Plan completion is to have it approved on the Town Warrant at the October 6, 2001 Town Meeting.  However, other key dates and events include:

-  26 May 2001, (Memorial Day weekend.) Public Workshop 

-  18 June 2001, Mail final plan for final review to State & Council of Government.

-          1 September 2001 (Labor Day weekend.) Public Hearing.


Please keep these dates and events on your calendars as your involvement is desired.  Results of the Interim Review will be published on the web page and in the Winter FINS.


If you have questions or comments, I can be reached at,

2.                                           Comprehensive Plan 2001 Work Plan

19 June 2001


At it’s 16 June meeting, the FICPC agreed to set up a designated, weekly, workday with office space at the Town Office.  It is hoped this will facilitate plan completion.  While small, the Committee will share the Sheriff’s office due to its limited daytime use.  The office will be open Fridays from 9 AM -1 PM, effective Friday 22 June.  Visitors are welcome.


With the establishment of the office work time, regular committee meetings will be reduced to one per month.  The intent is to insure all committee members and the Towns people are kept up to date. 


The 2001 Season, FICPC Meetings

Fridays at 7:00 PM in the Community Center


29 June,

20 July,

17 August,

14 September

5 October

2001 Goals and Dates:


Early July.  Provide the updated 5 June draft, though still being polished, to the Town WEB.  Also provide copies to Selectmen and BIT Board.  Public review desk copies to be at Town Office and FICPC Office.


Saturday 15 September.  Public Workshop.


Monday 1 October.  Submit Plan to SPO & PCOG.


Final Plan Town Approval


If the above goals are met the following is a “tentative” plan for Town Meeting action.  It may be too optimistic based on this years experience and will depend State and Portland Council of Government reviews.


January 2002.        Receive SPO & COG comments/clearance?  Town Manager makes appropriate distribution.  Committee attempts to resolve any review comments


TBD May 2002.    Committee meets to finalize Public hearing plans


25 May 2002.         Public Hearing FI Comprehensive Plan. (Memorial Day weekend.)


15 June 2002.         Final changes made due to the public hearing and public input shall be publicized in the FINS to assure voters that the committee has been responsive to their concerns.


21 June 2002.         Town Manager shall submit final invoice for release of grant funds.  Must be to SPO before 28 June and include copy of planned Town Warrant.


6 July 2002.            Town Meeting. (4th of July weekend).  Warrant item presented to approve Town Comprehensive Plan.  If passed Town will forward 3 copies of the approved plan to SPO and 2 to PCOG.  Town should retain sufficient copies for file and public inspection.


Your Committee has made progress despite the winter geographic separation, BUT critical aspects remain to be resolved.





3.  20 July 2001 Notice.


Available for Review


To the People of Frye Island


A draft of the Frye Island Comprehensive Plan (FICP) is now at a stage of completion and approved by the Planning Board for placement on the Town WEB site with limited printed copies for review at the Town Office.  Thus, Public review and written input are requested.  In reviewing the document it must be remembered the Plan is a living document and guidance (not a directive) for the Town of Frye Island as required by Maine Law.


The completion and submission of the Plan to the State Planning Office now depends on remaining limited editing and your written comments.  By 21 July, in addition to placement on the WEB site and copies for Town Office review, copies will be presented to Town Selectmen, the Executive Board and the FII Board.


Written comments should be submitted, NLT 10 August 2001, through the Chairman Frye Island Planning Board to the Comprehensive Plan Committee (FICPC), 1 Sunset Road, Frye Island, ME 04071-8002.  E-mail submissions may be to the Town Manager, ATTN: FICPC at (FICPC)  Also keep in mind the FICP has office hours each Friday morning 9 AM – 1 PM in the Town Office.


Regular, monthly Committee Meetings are currently scheduled at the Community Center for 7 PM Fridays:

20 July 2001

17 August 2001

14 September 2001


As a final step before submission to the State, a Public Workshop is planned for the afternoon of Saturday 25 August at the Community Center in conjunction with the regular meeting of the Planning Board.  Watch future FINS for details



Chairman FICPC










4. 10 August 2001 Notice.


To be finalized and submitted.



Since 21 July a draft of the Frye Island Comprehensive Plan (FICP) has been available for public review on the Town WEB site and at the Town Office.  The review period ends as of 10 August.  The Committee will now proceed with final clean up and the goal of submitting the Plan to the State Planning Office (SPO) and Portland Council of Governments (PCOG) the week of 27 August.  During the intervening period the following related events will occur.


The FICPC will continue office hours at the Town Hall each Friday morning 9 AM–1 PM.


Planning Board Preliminary Public Hearing on Comp. Plan.

Prior to regular meeting. 4PM Saturday 11August at the Community Center


Next monthly Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting

7 PM, Friday, 17 August at the Community Center.


Final FICP Public Workshop

As the final Committee action before submitting the Plan to the State, a Public Workshop will be held 2-4 PM Saturday 25 August at the Community Center prior to the regular meeting of the Planning Board.


Watch the FINS for future developments.



Chairman FICPC















5.      24 August 2001 Notice.


Frye Island Comprehensive Plan Committee

Saturday 2–4 PM 25 August 2001

Community Center




Welcome / Opening Remarks:               Bob Hannah, Chairman Planning Board


Comprehensive Plan Overview:             Fritz Mueller, Chairman FICPC


·        Why needed.

·        Scope of the Plan.  (Summary Handout)


Workshop, County Fair Approach (Table tours).


Table Tours:                                                     FICP Committee Members

Visit at your own pace.  Leave at your leisure. Submit any written comments on departure.

·        Land use and Mapping.

·        Housing.

·        Public Facilities, Services & Transportation (Ferry & Roads).

·        Fiscal Capacity and Capital Investment Plan.

·        Recreation.

·        Water and Natural Resources. (Includes History, Archeology, Forestry and Agriculture.)


This is the final workshop before the Plan is submitted for State review.  Hope to see you at the Community Center.


Fritz Mueller, Chairman, FICPC