KENNEBEC, ss                                                                                                     CONSOLIDATED CIVIL ACTION

                                                                                                                                DOCKET NO. 1201


STATE ex rel. JOHN A. LUND and                                                    

PORTLAND WATER DISTRICT                                                       )               ORDER AMENDING ORDER OF

                                                                                                                )               MARCH 4, 1974

                                                                                Plaintiff                   )


vs.                                                                                                           )


LEISURE LIVING COMMUNITIES,                                                  )

INC., et als                                                                                              )

                                                                                Defendants              )


Amend said order by adding at the end of the third sentence of the first full paragraph on page 4 of the order the following;


"Upon receipt of said test certification by it, the Portland Water District shall issue its permit for the construction of such system unless within seven (7) days the District moves that this Court, for good cause shown, enter an Order suspending the issuance of said permit pending hearing."




Dated: April 23rd 1974




James L. Reid

Justice, Superior Court




APR 2 4 1974









                                STATE OF MAINE

CUMBERLAND, ss                              REGISTRY OF DEEDS

Received at   4 H 3O M PM on  JUN 28, 1974     .and recorded in

Book 3567    Page 115            Attest (Signed)