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Town of Frye Island
Cumberland County
State of Maine

Chapter 119  ---  Chapter 120  --- Watering Ban Ordinance 

[HISTORY: Adopted at Town Meeting 10/8/2011 WA16]

Table of Contents

120-1 Title
§120-2 Purpose
§120-3 Definition
§120-4 Watering Ban Requirements
§120-5 Violations and Penalties
§120-6 Enforcement

120-1. Title:

This Ordinance shall be known as The Watering Ban Ordinance

120-2. Purpose:

The Town of Frye Island desires to establish Watering Ban measures to reduce water consumption, to assure reasonable and beneficial use of water, prevent waste and maximize the efficient use of water within the Town of Frye Island.

The Watering Ban shall be initiated when necessary by the Town manager and the Director of Public Works

120-3. Definitions:

Town refers to The Town of Frye Island

120-4. Watering Ban Requirements:

120-5. Violations and Penalties:

Violations of the Town restrictions are considered misdemeanor crimes. Violators may face fines of $500.00 per day plus court fees each day that one or more restrictions are violated after receiving written notice of such violation.

120-6. Enforcement:

Enforcement and Fines shall be by the Town of Frye Island Police Department, Town of Frye Island Constable, Town of Frye Island CEO or the Cumberland County Sheriff.