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  Town of Frye Island
Cumberland County
State of Maine

Chapter 112 -- Home Numbering Requirements

[HISTORY: Adopted  Town Meeting 10/6/01, WA16]



Home Numbering Requirements

§112-1.  The Board of Selectman shall require that every lot with a building in the Town of Frye Island bear, in a conspicuous place, visible from the street when approached from any direction, the number assigned to it by the 911 Designation, in clear and legible numbers.  The numbers shall be a minimum of three inches in height.

§112-2.  No person shall, for a longer period than thirty (30) days (when the island ferry is running) after notification from the Board of Selectmen, or their designee, neglect or refuse to affix to, or suffer to remain on, any property owned or leased by him, her or it, a street number other than the one designated for such property by the  911 Designation.  These signs do not require a sign permit.

§111-3.  Violations of this by-law shall be prosecuted by the Town or on the order of the Fire Department, the Town Manager or the Board of Selectmen or their designee.  Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this by-law shall be subject to:

          First Offense � written warning

          Second Offense - $50.00

          Third and Subsequent Offenses - $200.00

          Each day any violation of this section shall continue shall constitute a separate offense.  This ordinance shall be put into effect on August 1, 2002.

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