Use of Firearms

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  Town of Frye Island
Cumberland County
State of Maine

Chapter 103 -- Ordinance to Prohibit the Use of Weapons

[HISTORY: Adopted  Town Meeting 10/9/99, WA21; modified Town Meeting 10/7/00, WA26]


Ordinance to Prohibit the Use of Traps -- Chapter 104

Table of Contents

Section Subject Matter
§ 103–1.
§ 103–2.
§ 103–3
§ 103–4.
§ 103–5.
Prohibition of the Use of Weapons.
Violations and Penalties.


An Ordinance to Prohibit the Use of Weapons within the Town of Frye Island
[October, 2000; WA26; modified]

§ 103-1. Title.

This Ordinance shall be known as and may be cited as the "Ordinance to Prohibit the Use of Weapons. [October, 2000; WA26; modified]

§ 103-2. Purpose.

The purpose of this Ordinance is to protect the health, safety and well-being of the citizens of Frye Island by regulating the use of weapons with the Town. [October, 2000; WA26; modified]

§ 103-3.  Prohibition of the Use of Weapons. [October, 2000; WA26; modified]

  1. No person shall shoot with or use a bow and arrow, bbgun, air gun of any kind, gas pellet gun of any kind, slingshot, a firearm of any kind or description, or any such weapon within the Town except in the performance of official duties, at authorized ranges, or in self-defense.

  2. Not withstanding the above, the Town Clerk may issue special permits for:

    1. Hunting to cull the deer herd or other animals when approved by the Board of Selectmen.

    2. The shooting of rabid animals by law enforcement agents in the performance of their duties.

    3. The special permits shall be effective only for the period established by the Board of Selectmen and may be revoked at any time.

§ 103-4. Violations and Penalties.

Any person who violates any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be guilty of a civil violation and, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than fifty dollars ($50.) and not more than five hundred dollars ($500.), with each incident being considered a separate violation.  A warning may be issued for a first offense. All fines accrue to the Town of Frye Island.

§ 103-5. Enforcement.

This Ordinance shall be enforced by the Town of Frye Island Police Department, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department, or their designees, or wardens of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. [October, 2000; WA26; modified].

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