July 10, 2006


Dick Giggey called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Present were Dick Giggey, Joann Blackmore, Nancy Donio, Frank Limauro, Carl Hommel, and Nancy Fournier. Guests were: Tom Higgins, Bud Faulk and Greg McClann.


First order of business was to elect new officers for 2006. Dick Giggey was reelected as Chairman and Nancy Fournier as Secretary, with Carl Hommel filling in if needed.


An estimate for new beach signs was approved at a cost of $55.00 per sign. Signs are 19 x 24' on aluminum with red letters. Sebago Signworks will supply the signs. It was decided to order eighteen signs at a cost of $990.00.


Discussion on lots 1601 - 1602 took place and it was decided to go to FII and ask if they will turn over these lots to the Town for a new beach. (Or possibly, leasing them to the Town.) It was also suggested that lots 2027 - 2028 be put into reserve for future beach use. Members will go to the next FII meeting to address this.


Nancy Donio is working on beach pamphlets and her husband is willing to donate them to the Island for distribution. She will have a draft for us soon.


Motion was made and seconded to order 3 new picnic table and 2 additional kayak racks from John Crosby to be placed on beaches. Motion PASSED 6-0.


Next meeting was scheduled August 7th at the Community Center.


Meeting was adjourned.


Respectively Submitted


Nancy Fournier, Secretary