The Beach Committee meeting was called to order by Dick Giggey at 3:05 pm at the Frye Island Fire Barn.  Attending were:  Joanne Blackmore, Carl Hommel, Nancy Donio, Frank Limuro, Mary McCarthy and Nancy Fournier.  Guests:  John Nun


  1. First item on agenda was the election of President and Secretary.  Dick Giggey was elected as President and Nancy Fournier as Secretary.


  1. (A) Discussion to ask F.I.I. to lease to the Town of Frye Island lots 91, 1617, 1618, and 1619, for the purpose of creating new beaches for the Island.  Carl Hommel prepared a new beach plan (see attached plan) and after discussion Frank Limuro made a motion to present this new beach plan, as written, to the F.I.I. Board, and   Nancy Donio seconded.  Motion was carried   (unanimously) to present this plan to the F.I.I. Board  at their August 27th meeting.  If  F.I.I. agrees to lease these lots, the plan will then go before the  Executive Committee for their approval. The Committee will have further detailed  information concerning actual costs involved in carrying out plan at the Executive Board meeting.  We will have a figure for the 2006 budget at that time.


  1. (A) Discussion for rules and regulations for beaches.  After much discussion, and changes,  the Committee approved the Beach Rules as shown on revision 8/16/05.(See attached rules). Motion was made by Frank Limuro and seconded by Nancy Fournier to present these Rules to the Executive Committee at their next meeting on August 20th.  Motion passed unanimously. 


(B)The Committee will be asking that these Rules be accepted as a new     ordinance for presentation to Frye Island voters at the October Frye Island annual meeting.


       4.  Discussion and recommendation for use of Beach 2, 11, and Leisure Lane

            recreational area .Tabled


  1. Discussion of Beach informational pamphlet ..Tabled.


  1. Discussion of possible beach improvement:  Committee discussed the cost of creating new signs for Beach Rules if ordinance passes, as well as cost for additional kayak/canoe racks.  Motion was made by Frank Limuro and seconded by Carl Hommel to ask the Town to allocate $2,500.00 in the 2006 budget for these improvements. Motion carried unanimously.


Frank Limuro made a motion to adjourn meeting, Carl Hommel seconded.  Unanimous.


 Next Beach meeting will be Tuesday, August 23rd , 10:00 am at the Leisure Lounge.