Meeting Called to order at 7:02 p.m.


Present were E. Wrzesinsky, B. Aranyi, J. Gardner and T. McCarthy.


Unable to attend was R. Kaplan..


B. Aranyi moved the minutes of the June 24, 2005 meeting.  Seconded by E. Wrzesinsky and unanimously approved .

1.  Board discussed requiring a plot survey with all appeals so that cases will not have to be continued to a later date should the board require one. The consensus of the Board was to not require one in every case.


2.  Board reviewed ordinance that requires an applicant to appeal a decision of the CEO within 30 days of that decision.  The ordinance allows the board to extend that time period if warranted.  It does not allow the CEO to extend it.  Board requested that the CEO be reminded of this.


3.  Board discussed the need for the CEO to provide all data pertaining to a case when the appeal is submitted to the board, including copy of CEO’s decisions septic plans, application and any other information pertaining to the case.  Board requested that the CEO be reminded of this.


4.  Board discussed how many cases would be heard in one night.  It was decided that the Chairperson would review the cases submitted and schedule cases.  No new cases would be started after 10:00 p.m. with agreement by the board.


The above Items 1. Through 4. were moved for acceptance by T. McCarthy and seconded by J. Gardner.  Approved by vote of 4 to 1.


Marge Hommel, Chairperson of the Planning Board, advised the board that the Planning Board is moving a Mooring Ordinance that provided that a decision by the Harbor Master can be appealed to the Board of Appeals.  Chairman Wrzesinsky advised her that our enabling ordinance does not allow this and she should check the state law to see if this is allowed to be placed in the ordinance.  The consensus of the board was that the board has no problem with this as long as state law allows it and it is included in the Board of Appeals ordinance.


Submitted by Ernest Wrzesinsky, Chairman