Town of Frye Island

Minutes of Meeting of July 26, 2002


A. MEMBERS PRESENT: Bruce Nisula, Barbara Aranyi, Ernest Wrzesinsky, Watson Clark,  Michael Graham.


B. LOCATION: Frye Island Community Center


C. CALL TO ORDER:  By Chairperson Bruce Nisula @ 7:05 PM


D. Reviewed the Draft of the Minutes of May 24, 2002. A motion was made       Seconded to approve the minutes with spelling corrections. Approved Unanimously.


E. Proposed Modification of  “Instructions to Applicants”.  The instructions  modified to eliminate the paragraph imposing a six month time limit for the start of construction. It was moved and seconded to accept the “INFORMATION FOR BOARD OF APPEALS APPLICANTS” as proposed.  Approved Unanimously.


F. Proposed Modification of  “Rules for Conduct of Public Hearings”.  The proposal would modify the rules (1)  to require the Posting of  Public Hearing in two prominent places instead of  three prominent places as previously required and (2) to delete a redundant phrase in Section 6.B.(4).  Moved and seconded. Approved Unanimously.


G. Discussion was opened on a Proposed Standing Rule: “Procedure for Reporting Possible Ordinance Violation”. It was moved and seconded that the Proposed Standing Rule be accepted as written. Approved Unanimously.


H. Old Business: Discussion was opened on the Term of Office for Board of Appeals members. The board reviewed the schedule of terms. No action was required.


I. New Business: A discussion was opened on the “Townsman” article on Shoreland Zoning.  Board Members discussed the importance of upholding the law when considering whether to grant or deny any given appeals case.  It was acknowledged, and recognized as appropriate, that the State has held in the past and can be expected to hold in the future a Board responsible for any decisions that do not follow the intent of the law.


J. Other Business: Chairman Nisula requested Board members send him via E-Mail updated E-Mail, mailing, and phone lists for both summer and winter addresses. This will allow him to remain in touch with Board members on important issues.



K.  Schedule of Future Meetings:                    August 23,2002

                                                                        September 20, 2002

                                                                        October 11, 2002


L.    Moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 8:53 PM. Approved Unanimously.


These minutes were approved at the August 23, 2002 meeting of the Board of Appeals. Approved Unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Watson Clark, Secretary

Board of Appeals




2)    Rules for Conduct of Public Hearings 7/26/02

3)    Procedure for Reporting Possible Ordinance Violation 7/26/02

4)    Terms of Office of Board of Appeals Members


FIBA Minutes 07-26-02