Minutes of Meeting of September 22, 2000

A.    MEMBERS PRESENT: Barbara Aranyi, Bruce Nisula, Ernest Wrzesinsky, Paul Lyons, and Robert Roberts, Chairman.

B.    OTHERS PRESENT: (See sign in sheet.)  Gerald Daigle, Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) of Frye Island was present.

C.    LOCATION:  Frye Island Community Center

D.    CALL TO ORDER:  The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM.

E.     PRIOR MINUTES:  The draft minutes of the 8/25/00 meeting of the Board of Appeals were reviewed and approved without modification.


1)     Variance appeal submitted by Peter Bearor, Lot 85

Kathryn Bacastow, owner, gave testimony on the application and presented the Board with a revised plot plan and photographs. Ernest Wrzesinsky, stated that he had seen a surveyor pin in a location that did not agree with the dimensions shown on the plot plan.  He pointed out in the photographs that the location of the pin was nearer to the existing shed than indicated on the revised plot plan, which was provided by the applicant at the meeting.  The applicant stated that she had used the road side to determine the front property line.  The CEO pointed out that the road is usually not the front property line, which can be visually portrayed by stringing a line between the pins that are placed at the two corners abutting the road.   The Board discussed the relative lack of value in seeking Standish Building Permits for sheds as evidence since these were issued in a highly informal manner by their building official.  The Board discussed the incomplete and inaccurate nature of the written application.  A motion was made and seconded to table the application to the next meeting to permit the applicant time to submit a revised, complete and accurate plot plan.  Unanimously approved. 


1.)  Recommendation for a Member to Replace Stan Karpacz on the Board of Appeals

In as much as Board Member Stan Karpacz recently passed away,

a motion was made and seconded that the Board recommend to the Selectmen that the first individual to have been appointed as Alternate Member (Ernest Wrzesinsky) be appointed to fulfill the term of Stan Karpacz. Unanimously approved with Wrzesinsky abstaining.


 1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:

October 6, 2000

I.  ADJOURNMENT:  A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 PM. Unanimously approved.

Above Minutes approved at Meeting of October 6, 2000.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce C. Nisula
Secretary, Board of Appeals