Planning Board Maps:

The following maps are provided under the direction of the Planning Board of the Town of Frye Island. To see a enlarged version of the map, click on the title of the map. Please note the large file size of the map to be down loaded (i.e. the number shown below the map title). 

Land Use Map
Land Use
Zoning Map
Zoning Map
ShoreZoning.gif (133452 bytes)
Shoreland Zoning

Wetlands.gif (372785 bytes)

Legend: 1 | 2
Contours.gif (175071 bytes)

Soils.gif (887086 bytes)

(344K) Legend
Phosphorus.gif (304459 bytes)


other Island maps:

Simple Island Road Map
Simple Island Road Map
Walking Trails Map
Island Walking Trails Map

(Note: Both of above maps in PDF format)

Subdivision Plot Plans
Original Subdivision
Section Maps

Running Hills Course Design
Original 18 Hole Design
Frye Island Golf Course
by Geoffrey Cornish
Raymond Cape Property
Land Purchased 2005
on Cape Road Ext
Consevation Map
Conservation Land
small (976K) / large (2320K)
Conservation Land Deed Restrictions
FEMA Flood Map
FEMA Flood Map

The State of Maine has a server called Maine Aerial Photography that gives maps of Towns in Maine; once you have retrieved the Maine Aerial Photography homepage, you will have to select the town name, e.g. Frye Island.

The Microsoft TerraServer has aerial photos of the United States online. The view of Frye Island as of 4/29/1998 is on line for viewing.

general information:

You can right click on any of the above link to copy the map file to your computer. Once on your computer, you can use a graphic software package (e.g., one that comes free with most digital cameras) to reduce, enlarge, crop, print, etc.


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Posted: 03/11/2010