There is a very active Garden Club on Frye Island. Part of the focus of the Garden Club is providing information to  Garden Club members. Arrangement are made to have speakers come to the Island to give presentations on various topics. The following photo depicts a class on flower arranging that was given by Penelope Decker.

The following photos are examples of the many wonderful flower beds on the Island. The left photo depicts the welcoming bed near the Island Ferry Landing, and the right photo depicts a flower bed at the home of Ken Dolloff.

One of the major projects of the Garden Club has been the landscaping of the Community Center. The raised flower beads, walkway flower beds & lamps were completed in 2000. A new walkway is planned for 2001.

This web page will be updated in the future to show the many other beautiful things done on Frye Island with the help of the Garden Club.

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Blue Line

Posted: 03/11/2010