FII Stockholders Meeting Agenda
October 9, 2004

Location: Community Center, Frye Island, ME



  1. Call Stockholder’s Meeting to Order
  2. Reports:
    1. 2004 Financial Report
    2. Revision of FII By-Laws on 9/17/04
    3. Gift of Conservation Land from FII to Town of Frye Island
    4. Gift of Emerald Point Drive from Developer to FII
    5. Final Phase Asset Transfer to the Town of Frye Island
  3. New Business:
    1. Approve 2005 FII Annual Budget as presented in the attached 9/17/04 Financial Plan.
    2. To grant to the Town of Frye Island an easement interest in the Emerald Point Drive being gifted to Frye Island as it exists on November 1, 2004 as set forth on a certain Plan of Emerald Point on Sebago Lake dated July 12, 2003 prepared by Land Services, Inc. and recorded in the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds in Plan Book 203, Page 412.
  4. Adjourn Stockholders’ Meeting

Posted: 10/02/2004