FII Real Estate Committee Minutes

August 22, 2003  --  Community Center


1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:38 p.m.

2. Attendance

The following members were present:

·         Dick Giggey

·         Dick Norris

·         Carl Hommel

·         Ed Charrette

·         Paul Peterson

·         Oleg Svetlichney

·         Tim Toomey

3. Approval of August 16th Minutes

The August 16th meeting minutes were approved after minor corrections.

4. Discussion of Real Estate Committee Mission

There was a brief discussion of Oleg Svetlichney’s proposed mission statement.

5. Real Estate Questionnaire

The committee discussed the two questionnaires prepared by Paul Peterson, intended to be sent to islanders to solicit their views on real estate issues. The committee then passed a motion to recommend to the FII Board that we send the edited questionnaire out.

6. Status of Meeting with PWD

Paul Peterson reported that the Portland Water District contact is still on vacation and the Paul will contact him as soon as he returns.

7. Conservation Easements Report

Discussion of this topic was postponed, awaiting Ed Charrette’s return from vacation.

8. Reorganization of Cocktail Lane Lots

Carl Hommel presented a proposal to reconfigure the 17 lots bordering on the never-built Cocktail Lane into 5 larger, all beachfront lots. Oleg Svetlichney made a motion to accept the basic plan in principal for use in future real estate planning. The motion carried 7 to 1.

9. Public Beach Committee Work

Dick Giggey reported on the results of the Public Beach Committee meeting held on the previous night and on the recommendations developed therein. Of particular interest to the Real Estate Committee is the recommendation to merge FII-owned lots adjacent to two of the public beaches with those beaches. No action was taken by the Real Estate Committee on these recommendations.

10. Next Meeting

Dick Giggey agreed to schedule the next meeting and submit some proposed mission statements by e-mail.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:17 p.m..