SUNDAY, MAY 28, 2006



Chairman McCarthy called the meeting to order at 10:40 AM. Those present were D. Bond, C. Hommel, M. Hurley, T. Kurgan, D. Marcionek, Chairman T. McCarthy, and T. Toomey. Guests were J. Anderson and J. Musorofiti.


In the absence of the Secretary, C. Hommel was appointed Assistant Secretary.


D. Bond reported on the lights at the Marina. J. Crosby had obtained a quote for the addition of a light at the end of causeway, with the possibility of post lights placed at each ramp, and a panel at the end, for $7,200. D. Bond will ask J. Crosby to ask the CEO if a permit is required to bury the cabling in a 6 in. trench.


D. Bond reported on a letter from J. Fredericks stating that now that the marina  has reached build out, the  slips may need more support. We will try to implement this as soon as possible.


There was a discussion on yellow lines at the boat ramp to facilitate backing a trailer onto the ramp. D. Bond and T. Kurgan will look into this.


D. Bond will ask the Fire Chief to push for No Parking signs on the causewayat the turn-around at the end, and to ask the police to issue tickets to violators.  It was noted that an ordinance may be required.


T. McCarthy will ask for trash cans to be placed at Quail Circle in the center(or close proximity of ) the walk ways that parallel the marina, so that they would not be visible from road (if possible), and that that the Town service them


After discussion, it was decided to schedule a work day at Quail Circle. June 17th was selected, provided that Town maintenance personnel and equipment were made available. Notice in the FINS and letters to Quail Circle renters will be sent out.


D. Bond will ask J. Crosby to look into the possibility of wooden bridges to replace the rotted ones at Quail Circle.


It was suggested that the Marina Committee volunteer to observe the beaver removal in July to ensure that the work was done properly and completely.


It was decided to modify the YC Policy to outlaw the use of pelletized styrofoam floatation in slips at QC.


After discussion, it was MOVED by T. Kurgan, and SECONDED by D. BOND to request that the Town Manager either grandfather J. Musorofiti’s Marina slip price, or the restore it to its original configuration, as the change was made by the Town without consideration of the effect it would have on him.  PASSED unamoiusly.


C. Hommel will send Chairman McCarthy the paragraphs in the Town Compressive Plan concerning the Marinas, as the Plan is scheduled to be revised this summer.


The next meeting will be held on Saturday, June 11th, at 4:00 PM, at T. Kurgan‘s house, 341 Leisure Lane, to finalize plans for the workday. 


The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 noon.


Respectfully submitted,


Carl Hommel, Assistant Secretary